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Setup Mollie in your WooCommerce store and increase your checkout conversion by providing the relevant payment methods for your shoppers. Get the first EUR 1500 in processing free of charge - no strings attached.

Reliable, easy to use and local. Our high quality plugin has a best-in-class uptime to process your payments safely. Setting up and using Mollie on WooCommerce is simple and straightforward. We offer all local and global payment methods that you need.

Don’t just take our word for it

Thomas Koch
Head of Customer Success

"WooCommerce offers high flexibility, especially for smaller projects. We chose WooCommerce because it fits our agile approach. Other shop systems can devour budget for months of preparation and service providers."

Nils Wiegner
CEO and CTO of Liebesleinwand

“Mollie’s WooCommerce integration works flawlessly, it comes with handy features which make it super easy. The development team is super active and keeps rolling out new versions on a regular basis. I’d highly recommend to try this plugin!”

Frank Bertele
CEO of Merklinger

The support from Mollie is great. If I have a question, I can talk to someone in German and they are able to help me very quite quickly. I am a happy customer!”

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What our experts say

Adriaan Mol

"WooCommerce is one of our earliest and most used plugins - for a good reason. Mollie’s product and service is very well suited for WooCommerce merchants."

Paul Maiorana
CEO, WooCommerce

"Mollie Payments is a great option for WooCommerce stores to accept their shoppers' preferred and local payment methods, in turn helping to drive more sales."

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