Mollie Checkout

Personalize your checkout

It is possible to customize the Checkout payscreens by adding your own brand images. You can upload a logo and a fullscreen wallpaper. The example below shows a fully branded checkout page.

  1. Go to your Profiles.
  2. Click on a Personalize Checkout button.
  3. Upload images within the specified restrictions.

Mollie Checkout example
ETQ's Checkout with their logo (up top) and wallpaper (background).

Single Click payments for returning customers

Single Click payments increase conversion. This feature allows your customers who have paid with credit card to complete their next payments with just one click. A recognizable credit card with information gathered from previous payments is presented securely through unique customer and device detection.

  1. Create a unique customer using the Customer API.

    Request code

    $customer = $mollie->customers->create([
        "name"  => "Customer A",
        "email" => "",
  2. Store the customer's id safely in your database. It's needed for performing Customer Payments API calls.
  3. Specify the customerId parameter each time you create a payment for this customer.

    Request code

    $payment = $mollie->payments->create([
        'amount'        => 10.00,
        'customerId'    => $customer->id,  // important
        'description'   => 'Single-click payment',
        'method'        => Mollie_API_Object_Method::CREDITCARD,
        'redirectUrl'   => '',
  4. Returning customers are now shown the credit cards they have used in the past, enabling them to charge their card of choice with a single click.

Mollie Checkout example
An example of the credit card selection screen shown to a returning customer.