Glamour Your Hair

“Our sales figures have improved by 30% thanks to Mollie Capital. Now we can deliver goods steadily, delighting our customers in the process.”

What started as a hobby became a serious business in no time. Motivated by his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, Tom Kapitein and his wife Wendy founded Glamour Your Hair, a webshop that sells hair extensions. “We thought it would be fun to have an online business,” Tom says. “My wife had experience with hair extensions, and I knew how to build a webshop and make it flourish. Research indicated it was easy to reach the top rank in Google with a good SEO strategy. So, we decided to go for it.”

At first we could store everything in the attic, but soon the hair extensions were in the bedroom too.

Tom Kapitein, cofondateur de Glamour Your Hair

And they were right. After they launched, Glamour Your Hair was quickly ranking high on Google. And that meant that the orders came flooding in. “At first, we stored all our stock in the attic,” Tom explains, “but before long, we had to store hair extensions in our bedroom. At one point, we hired premises to store our stock. We realised this was more than a hobby when it got to that point.”

Quality builds customer loyalty

Glamour Your Hair had a strong SEO strategy that attracted shoppers, but it was their product quality and customer service that kept their customers coming back for more.

 “We focused on high-quality products from day one,” Tom explains. “And we were lucky to find a manufacturer that met our strict requirements. We also went the extra mile with our customer service. For example, we accept returns on our hair extensions, subject to conditions. Other online shops selling extensions don’t always offer this.”

Longer delivery times

With a well-run online shop, a great supplier, and satisfied customers, things were going well for Glamour Your Hair – until their delivery times became longer than expected. 

We were used to an order taking three to six weeks, but suddenly it took three months.

Tom Kapitein, cofondateur de Glamour Your Hair

“In the past, an order took three to six weeks; suddenly, deliveries took up to three months,” Tom recalls. “Meanwhile, we had to keep delivering the orders that were being placed. We bought hair extensions from another supplier to bridge the extended delivery time. Sadly, the product quality wasn’t good enough, and we had to write it off.”

Growing with Mollie Capital

Mollie Capital was the solution the business needed to restore the balance between supply and demand. Tom discovered the financing solution when it appeared as a test version in his Mollie Dashboard. “I immediately liked the way it looked: simple and transparent like we’re used to with Mollie,”' he explains. “We decided to apply. The application process was so easy. All I had to do was answer a few questions, and I could instantly see the maximum amount of Capital we were eligible to receive. In mere days, we had €25,000 in our account.”

Simple and transparent, like we’re used to with Mollie.

Tom Kapitein, cofondateur de Glamour Your Hair

The Mollie Capital financing made it possible for Glamour Your Hair to buy large quantities of stock in one go. “Now, we only need to restock periodically, and we have enough money to bridge longer delivery times. Thanks to Mollie Capital, we can steadily deliver our goods, and that’s reflected in our sales figures – they’ve increased by 30%.”

By transferring a fixed percentage of their daily turnover to Mollie, it was easy for Glamour Your Hair to repay their loan in just three months. “The repayments happen automatically, so we didn’t have to worry about it,” says Tom. “That’s exactly what you need as an entrepreneur. It gave us time to focus on other things.

The repayments happen automatically, so we didn’t have to worry about it, which is exactly what you need as an entrepreneur. It gave us time to focus on other things.

Tom Kapitein, cofondateur de Glamour Your Hair

Time for round three

Since then, Glamour Your Hair has applied for and received two more capital injections using Mollie Capital. “We’re using it to expand our stock and tap into new markets,” explains Tom. “At the moment, we supply customers directly and focus on less expensive synthetic extensions. In future, we want to start partnering with salons that use human hair extensions and set even higher standards for quality. Many brands don’t meet those requirements. We do, but we need to buy enough stock to meet the demand that comes with selling to salons. Luckily, we have Mollie Capital for that.”

And would Tom recommend Mollie Capital to other entrepreneurs? “Absolutely. It’s a simple, transparent solution that helps you get financing within a few days. And if you run into problems, there’s always someone at Mollie to help you. Mollie Capital helped us get through a difficult phase and allowed us to grow even more. I’m certain other online shops would benefit from Mollie Capital in the same way.”

Initially, Mollie Capital will only be offered to businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium. Eligible customers will be notified by email and in their Mollie Dashboard. Here at Mollie, our aim is to help all of our customers grow – so we’ll expand our Capital offering to all customers.

Visit our website or the Mollie Dashboard to find out how much Capital you could qualify for.

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