Mollie for Chargebee

Gestion simplifiée des abonnements et paiements
Release date
1 Januari 2022

Mollie for Chargebee

Mollie and Chargebee jointly developed a subscription management and invoicing tool that offers efficient payments and excellent service. The Mollie integration is easy to use and offers innovative and ready-to-use solutions. In this way, Mollie and Chargebee take subscription management and invoicing to a higher level.

With the new integration you will receive payments in Chargebee almost immediately – via all known European payment methods. That makes payments easy, so you can easily deliver exceptional service and increase your sales. Whether you have a SaaS company or work with subscriptions: Mollie and Chargebee are your perfect partners for growth.

What the integration offers you

The Chargebee-Mollie integration is easy to use, quick to integrate and offers:

Easy subscriptions

  • Innovative solution: easily manage your subscriptions
  • Infinite Scaling: Store over 500 recurring bills, so you’re always future-ready
  • Automatically correct tax and VAT rate: Send recurring invoices automatically and at the correct rate
  • Easy integration: in your Chargebee account go to the plugins page and install Mollie in one click
  • Support in multiple languages: did you run into something during the integration? No worries. Our multilingual customer service and technical support teams are here for you. Thanks to their training and extensive product knowledge, you always get a clear answer
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Simple and flexible payment solutions

  • All known payment methods: with the Mollie integration you have direct access to all commonly used European payment methods
  • Smart Reminders: If a payment fails the first time, the Chargebee tool will automatically try again. This way you prevent subscriptions from being canceled unexpectedly
  • Easy to adjust: Mollie makes refunds, changes and cancellations easy. These processes are pre-set and ready to use

Un prix, un contrat

  • Clear prices: At Mollie you pay a fixed fee and only for successful transactions. Read more about Mollies rates
  • One contract: for the integration you only need a Mollie contract and a Chargebee account. We don’t do lock-in contracts; you subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you want

The convenience of good service

  • Automatic and comprehensive compliance: Mollie follows the standards of the best global banks. Even if the rules change, you don’t have to do anything – you always meet the requirements
  • Availability: Mollie guarantees 99.9% uptime

Méthodes de paiement supportées

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