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June 2020

Magento 1 compatibility through Mage One

In June 2020, Magento 1 reached its end-of-life moment. Since then, Adobe no longer provides security patches and updates. In addition, support for Magento 1 has ended. To provide a solution for merchants unable or unwilling to switch platforms, Mollie has partnered with Mage One.

Mage One provides ongoing, expert support to merchants who continue to use Magento 1. With a Mage One license, they receive the security patches and updates they need to keep their online store live and protected.

The combination of Mage One and Mollie offers Magento 1 merchants an alternative to replatforming and helps them stay on their growth path.

Mollie is the easiest way to process your Magento shop payments

Thanks to parent company Adobe, Magento Commerce delivers visual expertise to e-commerce. Magento shops are vibrant and colorful, with engaging images that drive conversion and extend sessions.

The final step in the customer journey – completing the purchase – is a task for Mollie.

Better converting checkout

Integrating Mollie’s payment gateway into Magento is easy: our REST API enables a rainbow of payment methods – from Visa and Mastercard to Apple Pay and all kinds of national payment networks across Europe.

Success rates soar when customers can pay easily, the way they want. It’s powerful, flexible, has one plugin and keeps customers on the spot: no switching, no clicking away. Multi-currency is built in to handle euros, dollars, pounds and more. So you have a truly global payment experience.

Mollie x Magento

Whatever you sell, Mollie easily links all major payment methods to your Magento webshop.

  • Online in minutes: creating a Mollie account and activating it takes no time at all. Within fifteen minutes you can be accepting as payments.
  • One solution for everything: with one contract and integration you can accept all known payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT Banking, iDEAL, Bancontact and Apple Pay.
  • Transparent pricing: no minimum costs, no fixed contracts, no hidden fees. With Mollie, you only pay for successful transactions. Read more about Mollie pricing and fees.
  • Seriously secure: fully certified to PCI-DSS level 1, free machine learning fraud protection and 3D Secure.
  • Streamlined checkout: customers do not land on external pages, but choose their payment method and issuer within your shop environment.
  • Easy refunds: arrange refunds from the Magento backend, with support for partial and additional refunds.
  • Intuitive dashboard: all the insights you need, in real time, in one place and instantly exportable. Analyze and improve performance, spot patterns in sales data and make key decisions to improve.
  • Multilingual support: our multilingual customer service and technical support teams are ready to help you. The best service in the world is part of the total package.

The engine behind Mollie’s Magento plugin is a rock-solid payment gateway, connected to all global payment networks – from debit and credit cards to SEPA and SWIFT. Its excellent security and compliance standards are regulated and on par with global banking standards. And when rules change, you can rest assured that you will remain compliant.

In case of exceptions, Mollie supports seamless chargebacks, refunds, re-orders, changes and cancellations. The processes are built and ready to use. If you build stores for your customers, you can offer these options to their customers as well.


  1. Créez un compte Mollie.
  2. Install the plugin from the Magento Marketplace.
  3. Activate the plugin and enter your Mollie API key.
  4. Once the onboarding process in your Mollie account is complete, you can start accepting payments. Normally, everything works within a day.

You can also install the Mollie Magento plugin using Composer. En savoir plus.

Everything well taken care of

Mollie turns the payment process into a user-friendly and localized customer experience. Through one plugin, you create an API gateway that connects your site to the whole world. Need personal support? We’re always here for you.

Try Mollie for Magento for free. No fixed contracts. No hidden fees.

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