Now also accept payments via American Express

American Express is one of the best-known brands in the world and has more than 55 million loyal cardholders worldwide. And there is good news, because as of today American Express (Amex) is one of the payment methods we offer!

This allows you to focus on a larger international target group. Especially if you focus on the higher segment, American Express is very interesting: Amex users have an above-average income and spend on average 60% more than users of other credit cards. And although Amex is normally relatively pricey for the seller, Mollie offers this option at a very competitive and unique rate. So activate your credit card via Mollie now and take advantage of this in the run-up to the approaching holidays.

Reach an attractive target group

American Express users aren’t just known for spending a lot. A panel survey conducted this year by American Express shows that Amex cardholders regularly return to a store when they know it will accept their card. Compared to other cardholders, they are even 40% more likely to do so. So American Express users are often loyal customers.

In addition, the Amex logo inspires confidence among cardholders. A large proportion of users (40%) indicate that their general impression of a website/store becomes more positive when they see logos or icons that indicate that their credit card is accepted.

Credit card at the touch of a button

At Mollie we like clarity and simplicity. You therefore do not have to apply for all the different credit cards separately with us: only one action is required. By enabling the payment method ‘credit card’, you can immediately receive payments via the most popular credit cards worldwide: Visa, MasterCard and now also American Express. In addition to these well-known names, we also process payments from so-called *co-branded* cards such as Dankort, Carte Si, Nordea and Carte Banking and we support Maestro, V-Pay and Visa Electron.

The way we offer American Express is unique. To be able to receive payments via this payment method, you only need a contract with Mollie. You do not have to conclude a contract with American Express. You also do not pay any connection costs. Because we handle the registration procedure internally, you don’t have to wait long for this. You can often receive payments within one working day. And if you already accept payments via credit card, American Express is immediately active.

Sharp and clear rate

For the acceptance of Amex we charge -just like for all our other payment methods- *only transaction costs*. Because Mollie processes large numbers of transactions and manages the entire process itself, Mollie can offer a cheaper rate for American Express than is usual in the market.

2.8% + €0.25 per transaction

If you have activated your credit card via Mollie, you can immediately receive payments via American Express. Are you not yet receiving payments via credit card? Activate this payment method now via your account and increase your turnover in the run-up to the holidays!

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