The history of Mollie

In the photo above you see the then 16-year-old Adriaan Mol, founder of Mollie. In the background hangs a poster of Apple's 'Think Different' campaign. It can hardly be more appropriate. He probably didn't realize it at the time, but he would change the world of payments. By thinking differently, by using a new angle, he started looking for a way to do things differently. Mollie was born from this philosophy.

Take issues off your hands

Adriaan soon found out that online payments are complicated, especially for entrepreneurs who don’t know much about the technology behind it. As an online entrepreneur, you don’t want to worry about your payments. The service that Adriaan had in mind had to make payments easy, by completely taking care of such (technological) issues. The first step was a payment service that enables people to make micropayments by SMS.

Technology as a starting point

The success of this service was proof for Adriaan of the potential of online payments. In order to be able to focus on this, the company was split up. This split gave Adriaan the opportunity to further develop the company into a full-fledged Payment Service Provider: Mollie. By making the most of growing technological possibilities and always thinking a few steps ahead, the rigid payment industry was improved step by step. Over the years, technology has always been the starting point for continuous improvement. This has led to a solid API that gives the online entrepreneur access to a wide variety of payment methods through one integration.

Simplicity and transparency

Mollie has since developed from a refreshing initiative into an international organization. Mollie has grown in size and possibilities, but the goal has remained the same: to make payments easier for online entrepreneurs. So the customer always comes first. The core values also remained the same: simplicity and transparency. Mollie believes in the power of simplicity. This is reflected in the product and in the code. Insightful and easy to work with, both for entrepreneurs and developers. Moreover, Mollie believes that transparency in payments should be available to everyone. Whether it concerns an entrepreneur who is taking the first steps in e-commerce, or a large organization that wants to surprise its customers with easier payments, Mollie can be used by everyone.

Mollie enables every company to develop, increase productivity and achieve goals, thanks to simplicity, transparency and easy payments.

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