Mollie launches start-up fund of 1 million euros for developers, start-ups and digital advertising agencies

Antwerp, December 1, 2021 - Mollie, one of the fastest growing payment service providers in Europe, today launched a new fund of 1 million euros to support the development of new integrations and add-on products for its platform . The start-up fund will encourage developers, start-ups and digital advertising agencies to realize bold and ambitious projects that continue to promote the growth of Mollie's more than 125,000 e-commerce customers.

Mollie’s start-up fund is aimed at developers, software companies and digital advertising agencies from all over the world. Mollie welcomes integrations with new SaaS solutions and add-on products that enhance Mollie’s offering through new tools, applications or third-party software.

“Mollie continuously invests in technology partnerships and integrations. We are therefore seeing great interest from tech start-ups and scale-ups that want to further expand their payment options with Mollie,” says Ken Serdons, CCO of Mollie. “For a company like Mollie, the entire ecosystem of developers, start-ups and advertising agencies is incredibly important – both for our success and for the success of our customers. By working even more closely with these companies and by their commitment to our platform financially recognize that we are driving innovation that supports the growth of our merchants, and these relationships will also help further our existing plans to develop our payment platform and launch financial services products in ways that neither we, nor our customers, would can imagine today.”

Successful candidate participants will not only be able to count on integration funding, they will also have access to Mollie’s more than 125,000 customers, as well as Mollie’s tools and Mollie’s market and customer insights.

Candidates can register at

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