Mollie launches gift cards

Today we are launching the addition of gift-cards to Mollie’s payment methods. As of today, all our customers who have an agreement with one of the supported gift card brands can receive online gift card payments via Mollie.

Mollie supports the most commonly used Dutch gift card brands: Nationale EntertainmentCard, Webshop Giftcard, Podium Giftcard, VVV Giftcard and YourGift. If you are a retailer for one of these card issuers, integrating the cards as a payment method in your checkout is as simple as the payment method activer in the settings in your Dashboard.

If you have agreements with multiple gift card brands, you can accept them all via Mollie via a single integration.

When a consumer pays for a purchase with gift cards, they enter the card number and, if the card offers it, the card’s PIN. Gift cards can be used to pay full or partial amounts. If there is still a remaining amount, another gift card of the same brand can be redeemed, or another of the activated payment methods can be used.

As usual, you only pay for successful transactions. The cost for a successful gift card transaction is EUR 0.25.

Not a retailer yet? Accepting gift cards has many advantages. In 2014, the Dutch gift card industry had a turnover of EUR 2 billion and in 2015 the VVV published a study that showed that 41% of consumers spend more than the voucher value when redeeming a gift card. By signing up for a relevant gift card, you also increase your reach among your target group through attention from the issuer.

To accept gift card transactions you must first have an agreement with one or more of the brands. The brands also take care of the payouts.

Click here for more information about the payment method.

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