Online donations via Mollie in Belgium are now tax deductible

Last week, Alexander De Croo, Belgian Minister of Finance, announced big news: donations to charities via platforms such as Mollie are now tax deductible. Not only is this great news for consumers, it also makes it much easier for charities to process donations.

Belgian charities that process payments with Mollie now receive a tax certificate, so that donors can benefit from the tax reduction. Although this does not change the way Mollie works with its customers, it does mean that the certificates issued by the charities are 100% approved by the Federal Public Service Finance (FPS).

In practice, this means that donors who donate amounts from €40 via Mollie to a recognized charity can deduct 45% of the tax. Due to De Croo’s announcement, this now also applies to donations via online platforms, where until now it only applied to other ways of donating.

The reason that this tax discount has not been possible until now is the fact that the deposited amounts initially ended up in the bank account of the payment processor. In order to be eligible for the tax deduction, it was previously mandatory that the funds would be credited directly to the account of the organization concerned.

De Croo found the exclusion of donations via online platforms such as Mollie “not logical” and has worked hard to prepared to change these regulations. The FPS has thus approved the change. We warmly welcome this; it makes it much easier for Belgian charities to process donations. Also because there is no longer any doubt for donors to donate via Mollie.

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