Plugin update: Recurring payments with Mollie and WooCommerce Subscriptions

Today we are launching a new release of our WooCommerce plugin. With this update, the plugin is now not only suitable for one-off payments, but also for recurring payments. This means that your customers can now easily subscribe to the products you sell in your webshop. The plugin is also suitable for other types of repeat payments, such as payment in installments and donations.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

You do not need any technical knowledge to use the plugin. The installation of the plugin is – just like with other Wordpress plugins – very simple. Already using the WooCommerce plugin? Then you just need to update it more.

To start using Recurring payments you need the Subscriptions plugin for WooCommerce. You link this plugin to your current webshop. For this plugin you pay a one-time fee of $199.00. You will receive a year of free support and updates. This may seem pricey, but the advantage of offering subscriptions is that you can be sure that you have enough income every month. It therefore offers more security than a ‘normal’ webshop, where only one-off payments are made. Have you come up with a good concept that resonates with the target group? Then you get the costs of the plugin out like this.

The Subscriptions plugin lays the foundation for repeat payments, but does not have an integrated payment solution. For this you need the plugin Mollie Payments for WooCommerce. This plugin ensures that your customer can issue a mandate by making an initial payment and an amount to be determined by yourself is then periodically debited. This can be monthly, for example, but also weekly or, for example, every quarter. The use of our plugin is also free of charge. This download is free like our other plugins.


In addition to the recognizable examples mentioned earlier, many more applications are possible with the Recurring plugin. An example of a startup that uses the plugin is Gerrard Street, a unique headphone subscription. Gerrard Street customers pay a monthly fee to lease headphones. Should a part break, the user will immediately receive a replacement part. This belongs to the service. Gerrard Street’s concept called for a simple system to handle monthly payments. The Recurring plugin offers a solution for this.

The founders of Gerrard Street were the first to test our Recurring plugin and are thrilled:

“We offer modular high-end headphones that can be easily repaired or upgraded. We offer this as a subscription. Mollie Recurring payments fits in seamlessly with our mission!” Said Dorus Galama, co-founder Gerrard Street.


The plugin fits in well with these kinds of innovative concepts, but there are of course even more possibilities. Maybe you sell a product that customers reorder regularly, such as pet food, meal shakes or shower products. Customers also like to subscribe to these types of products: they no longer have to worry about them and always have the products at home on time.

Support technique

For the development of the plugin, we entered into a collaboration with Van Ons: a technical production house in Amsterdam specialized in WordPress. For support on the plugin, however, you can simply contact Mollie. So do you have any feedback on how the plugin works? Let us know!

Don’t use WooCommerce, but do you want to offer subscriptions to your customers? Then take a look at eCurring or build your own solution based on our Recurring API.

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