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When the German company Praxisdienst was founded in 1953, it was a real pioneer, as it was one of the first mail order companies for medical products. From then on, doctors, hospitals and healthcare facilities could buy everything from syringes to medical furniture in one place. In the years that followed, Praxisdienst remained top of mind, because the company started a medical online shop in 2007. Because it was now possible to offer products in different languages on the webshop, the organization was able to expand internationally. Even today Praxisdienst is still a leading company in Europe for medical supplies and equipment.

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The costumer is king

It is extremely important that those medical supplies and equipment can be paid for and delivered efficiently and quickly. Sometimes lives depend on it. Literal. Praxisdienst is very aware of this responsibility, and therefore does everything it can to continuously improve their payment and delivery processes. This is also reflected in Praxisdienst’s vision statement: “A world in which everyone receives the best possible medical care.” Last year, the company’s efforts were rewarded, as Praxisdienst won first prize in the customer satisfaction category in the largest German B2B ranking, in the “medical supplies” sector.

But according to Michael Heine, CEO, there is always room for improvement. “We have been trying to integrate our payment services for years. That just kept failing. Every time we tried to add a new payment method, we were faced with a lengthy procedure,” says Michael. But after a lot of disappointments and frustrations, Praxisdienst came to Mollie. “We are a company that switches quickly, so we decided to see what Mollie had to offer. And so far we are very happy with that decision,” says Michael. “Mollie is a lot more reliable than our previous partner, and we are impressed with their fast change management.”

*“Mollie is a lot more reliable, and we are impressed with their fast change management.” — Michael Heine, CEO at Praxisdienst.*

Praxisdienst not only chose Mollie because they were more reliable, but also because Mollie was easier to integrate into their webshop. In the industry of Praxisdienst it is crucial to have as little downtime as possible. With Mollie, the company integrates a new payment method in just a few minutes. “With our previous payment provider, we had downtime of half a day, sometimes even a full day, every time we integrated a new payment method,” Michael tells us.

Mollie offered Praxisdienst many other benefits. For example, thanks to Mollie, customers of Praxisdienst choose their own favorite payment methods. The Payment Requests API also comes in handy. And the Dashboard, which makes payments much easier to manage.

Praxisdienst and their fair share of payment challenges

The medical supplies industry can be complex, with payment challenges all around. For example, Praxisdienst shares payment links with customers in almost every way imaginable, from e-mail to a paper invoice and even via customer service. They want to be as flexible as possible, because the needs of the customer naturally come first. Getting paid on time also proves to be a challenge that they regularly face. “We’d like to start with payment reminders, just to be a new way of getting paid quickly and on time,” says Michael. “We have decided to make those payment reminders part of the invoice itself, so that the customer has everything at once and does not have to go through their bank account.”

“We would like to start with payment reminders, just to have a

new way to ensure that we are fast

and get paid on time.” — Michael Jäkel, Head of E-Commerce and IT at Praxisdienst.

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Mollie introduces Payment Requests, a faster way to get paid

Mollie speeds up the payment process, allowing Praxisdienst to create and send payment requests directly from the Mollie Dashboard. In addition, they created their own personal solution, via Mollies easy-to-integrate Payment Links API. Praxisdienst now provides customers with an improved and seamless experience, while also speeding up payments.

Michael was also enthusiastic about Mollie’s technical documentation. “We have built a development team around your OXID module. It was my first time ever working with an API, but Mollie had already done all the groundwork. So everything was very clear.”

“All the groundwork had already been done by Mollie. Everything was very clear.” — Michael Jäkel, Head of E-Commerce and IT at Praxisdienst.

Furthermore, Mollie offers full control, payments adapted to your preferences, worldwide convenience and multiple access from one account. This way, all authorized members of your team can create and share payment requests.

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