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Bicycles are big business in the Netherlands, and PMG is the manufacturer and supplier behind some of the country’s most popular brands, including Popal, supersuper, Cangoo, Keewee, and BSP.

But having so many different brands under one roof can make accepting payments and keeping track of multiple revenue streams complicated. And PMG are also dealing with the post-pandemic decline in demand for bicycles. This means they have to innovate and invest heavily in customer service to keep driving success.

To face these challenges, PMG enlisted Bitfactory, a digital agency, to help integrate Mollie as their payment service provider (PSP). The switch immediately improved PMG’s payment and reconciliation processes – and boosted efficiency across the organisation.

Seamless invoice payments and billing management

One of PMG’s biggest problems was that their customers couldn’t pay their invoices online.. Instead, PMG had to send the invoice in an email, with the customer then having to pay it via manual bank transfer or iDEAL. This was an error-prone process that often led to confusion and delays for both the customer and PMG’s finance department. 

Since switching to Mollie, PMG’s customers can now pay invoices instantly using any of their favourite payment methods. PMG can also add QR codes to invoices to make every payment seamless. This also leads to far fewer mistakes and missed payments.

On top of this PMG also set up an automated email flow that sends customers reminders about upcoming and late payments. All of these steps save time and make everything more simple  for both the customer and PMG – especially their finance department, who can track and manage transactions much more easily.

Automatic reconciliation 

Beyond streamlining the payment process and reducing errors, the switch to Mollie has also made reconciliation a breeze for PMG’s finance department. “Our finance team used to have to manually verify all invoices that were paid,” Bas Hellendoorn, PMG’s Ecommerce Manager, says. “By integrating Mollie with our ERP system, payments are now recognised and automatically reconciled.”

This automatic reconciliation has improved workflow and massively boosted productivity across the company. And the productivity gains don’t stop there: PMG has also added an overview of all past invoices to each customer’s overview, so they have full visibility of their history and transactions. 

Our finance team used to have to manually verify all invoices that were paid. By integrating Mollie with our ERP system, payments are now recognised and automatically reconciled.

Bas Hellendoorn, PMG’s Ecommerce Manager.

Easy integration and local support

One unique challenge that PMG needed to solve was managing sales across multiple brands – Popal, Cangoo etc. – under one company umbrella. Mollie’s multi-vendor solution means that PMG can keep separate revenue streams for all their various brands and subsidiaries. Centralising their accounting processes across all brands allows companies to save time and reduce costs massively by limiting the accounting burden. 

Hellendoorn says the company is now planning  to utilise this multi-vendor solution to divide payments between the correct companies. This will enhance visibility on how each part of the business is performing. 

Another benefit of using Mollie is that it offers PMG a direct connection with their ecommerce platform Shopware. This meant they could integrate and launch Mollie in no time at all.. And the PMG team also say that being able to access every payment method with just one contract makes everything less stressful. They also have peace of mind knowing that Mollie’s reliable, local support teams are on hand in case they ever have an issue with their payments system. The whole integration process of Mollie and migration from the old payment processing system was quick and seamless.

Today, PMG works with more than 1,500 dealers across Europe and operates in 10 countries. Looking to the future, the company is focused on making the lives of these dealers – the retailers who sell their bikes – as easy as possible. And they say that with Mollie, they know they have a financial partner that can help them do this. “Mollie helps us to speed up and simplify our processes,” Hellendoorn said. “Additionally, there are many integrations ready for us to build upon when we are ready.”

Mollie helps us to speed up and simplify our processes

Bas Hellendoorn, PMG’s Ecommerce Manager.
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