Stretta Music

Stretta Music is the largest online shop for sheet music and music books - thanks to expansion, now also internationally.

Case study by Mollie customer Stretta Music about internationalization and perfecting their own payment methods.

“We offer the largest selection of sheet music of all kinds”

Not only successful US companies begin their history in a workshop, but also German ones. A perfect example of such a “garage business” is the music company Stretta Music, which was founded in 2001 as a music publisher for digital sheet music editions and thus did absolute musical pioneering work on the Internet. In 2002 the sheet music began to be dispatched – from the company’s own warehouse in Würzburg, which at the time, as it should have been, was in a garage.

It all started with a 200-year-old opera

The idea behind the company came from the two conductors Johan van Slageren and Udo Wessiepe, who once studied together at the Cologne University of Music. In 1996, the two realized an extraordinary project and planned, 200 years after its creation, the premiere of the opera “Cublai, gran Khan dei Tatari” by Antonio Salieri. But where do you get the material for it? The two found the manuscript in Vienna and used it to create the performance material for the Salieri opera. The cornerstone of Stretta Music was laid.

Firmensitz in-text

2020 & 2021: internationalization, innovation and growth

What began with a single opera has led to around 1 million sheet music editions, music books, accessories and sheet music downloads in the Stretta Music are – and the trend is rising. Customers usually receive their orders within 24 hours. An online shop success story, as it is in the (music) book. But that’s not the end of it. At Stretta Music, 2020 and 2021 were all about internationalization, innovation and growth. The online shop is now available in several languages – English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish and Czech – which are looked after holistically and above all in support by native speakers. In addition, the notes are of course no longer sent from the Würzburg garage, but are stored in two large logistics halls in Eibelstadt near Würzburg.

Mollie & Stretta Music

For Stretta Music, Mollie is primarily a growth booster in the area of credit card payments. The quick and easy integration of the Mollie API into Stretta Music’s self-developed online shop has been helping the company to achieve even higher conversion rates with credit card payments to this day.

> “I’m amazed at how easy it was to switch to Mollie and how quickly we benefited directly from higher conversions and less need for support”, Udo Wessiepe, co-founder of Stretta Music.

50% more credit card payments, more security and less support

A look at Stretta Music’s figures reveals what has changed at the music company since Mollie was used. “The number of outstanding invoices has decreased by 19%, PayPal payments by 8% and direct debit payments by 47%. On the other hand, the number of card payments including iDeal, EPS and GiroPay has roughly doubled,” reveals Udo Wessiepe. And that alone has some advantages for the company – because Stretta Music was able to keep the personnel expenses within accounting at the same level, while the company’s turnover increased by 30%. “In addition, the PayPal payments, which are rather expensive for us, could be pushed back somewhat by cheaper Mollie payment methods,” says Wessiepe.

Internationalization does not have to mean more effort

With the internationalization of Stretta Music’s online shop, new markets were opened up, all of which have new requirements. But an expansion does not necessarily have to be an additional effort – quite the opposite.

With an ERP system into the future

Stretta Music also expects growth rates in the high double-digit range in the coming years. This should be implemented with the same manpower in administration through improvements and further automation in the ERP system.

> “Since a large part of the future growth will come from download offers, for which we only accept invoices and direct debits in exceptional cases, there will be a further shift towards Mollie payment methods,” explains Stretta co-founder Udo Wessiepe and dares to take a look at the Future.

For the future, the company wishes above all that the number of payments by direct debit, invoice or PayPal, which still account for almost 70% of all payments, will continue to decrease and that the payments processed via Mollie will continue to increase. However, the signs of this are already clear and for Stretta Music this means: less effort, more automation and lower costs thanks to better alternatives to expensive payment methods through Mollie. Stretta Music’s growth targets should therefore be more than secured.

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