Ecommerce Tips and Guides

Optimise the customer experience of your ecommerce website and grow your online business with helpful tips from Mollie, a leading online payment provider.

Churn: a quick guide for subscription businesses 

Accurately tracking churn rates proves vital when making decisions so it’s important to understand the impact they can have.

How to start a successful ecommerce business

Looking to start your own ecommerce business? It’s worth considering these factors to ensure you make a successful start.

What is a SKU?: How to create one and manage your inventory

Discover what a stock keeping unit is and how to utilise them in order to better manage inventory levels and product sales.

6 Proven Ecommerce Business Models (With Examples)

There are a variety of business models that are worth learning about to help you drive success.

Summer ecommerce tips and trends

Summer can be slow for many online retailers – but it doesn’t have to be lost. Discover five tips to beat the ecommerce sales slump.

Choose the best ecommerce platform for your business

Compare ecommerce platforms and find the best one for your business. ✓ WooCommerce ✓ PrestaShop ✓ Lightspeed ✓ Shopware ✓ BigCommerce ✓ Wix

Ecommerce platforms | Tips to choose and switch your provider

Discover how to optimise your ecommerce platform, whether you’re starting a business or switching to a new provider.

10 tips to increase Black Friday sales

Black Friday provides a golden chance for you to attract new customers and sell more than ever. But how can you guarantee success?

6 ways Mollie can boost your business

More than just payments with Mollie. Discover products, features, and benefits to increase sales and grow your business.

E-commerce shipping: Tips for online retailers

Effective shipping providers make or break your business so it’s important to find one that your customers love.

KPIs for eCommerce: Top 11 metrics for online shops

Learn how to identify, and the importance of, suitable metrics for measuring the performance of your online shop.

What is the freemium model?

Explore the details of the freemium business model and learn how your business can convert users into paying customers.

How to create a personalised ecommerce experience

Create a personalised ecommerce experience to maximise sales and boost conversion. Discover tips and tricks to grow your online business with Mollie.

The best ecommerce tech: Grow your online business

From CRMs to advanced shipping solutions and more, discover the best ecommerce technology to increase sales and grow your business.

A guide to progressive web applications (PWA apps)

What is a PWA? Find out more about progressive web applications. ✓ Business benefits ✓ PWA application development ✓ PWA examples

The 7 best headless commerce solutions

Discover the best headless commerce solutions for ecommerce businesses. Compare Spryker, commercetools, Magento, BigCommerce, Sylius, and more.

Maximise eCommerce sales during high-peak seasons I Mollie

Learn how online retailers drive higher conversions during high-peak sales seasons from Cyber Week to the Holiday Season.

Using mobile commerce to grow your business

Learn about mobile commerce and how to use it to grow your business. ✓ mobile commerce trends ✓ types of mobile commerce ✓ mobile commerce payments

Choose the ecommerce payment methods that matter most to your business and easily integrate them into your webshop with Mollie.

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