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Accounting Guides

Keep your finances flowing with advice and support from the experts. Check out our accounting and finance guides to learn more about how everything works behind the scenes.

Cash flow for ecommerce businesses

The ecommerce industry is unpredictable, so maintaining effective cash flow management is crucial for your financial health.

How does payment in advance work?

Advance payments prove to be useful in a variety of scenarios but it’s important to understand how to correctly account for them.

Guide to ecommerce bookkeeping

Ecommerce bookkeeping is essential for maintaining a successful business and keeping finances in good health.

Direct vs. Indirect Cash Flow Methods for Ecommerce

Explore the differences between direct and indirect cash flow to help you decide which calculation method is most suitable.

What is Companies House?

As the official registrar of companies in the UK, all limited companies must be registered with the Companies House.

What is a Closing Balance and How to Calculate

Learn how to have greater insight into your business’s performance by accurately calculating its closing balance.

What is a sole trader?

Thinking of hanging out your shingle? It’s worth knowing your role and responsibilities as a sole trader before you do.

What is break-even analysis and how can it help my business?

Break-even analysis offers a simple yet effective way to gain insight into your business’s potential profitability.

What Is a Public Limited Company?

Explore what it means for a business to be a public limited company and when it may be the right time to make the move.

What is unlimited liability in business?

Learn how your level of liability determines what legal obligations you have in relation to your company’s debts.

What is remittance advice?

Remittance advice is a way of customers telling you they’ve paid, proving particularly useful when payments aren’t instant.

Understanding cash flow statement for ecommerce

Knowing your cash flow statement inside and out ensures your business stays healthy and provides better control of finances.

What is an Opening Balance for Businesses

Opening balances are an important figure that allow for performance to be accurately analysed at the start of each period.

What is a Unique Taxpayer Reference?

If you make a self-assessment you’ll need to know how to get a Unique Taxpayer Reference number and why it’s important.

What is a credit note?

Credit notes allow businesses to make amendments to existing invoices so it helps to know how to create and process one.

How to post accruals

Recording accruals will allow your business to measure its business activities and accurately monitor future cash flow.

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