Accept Bitcoin payments without the risks.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency payment method

  • Bitcoin without any risk
  • Free daily payouts
  • No in-depth Bitcoin knowledge required

Through Mollie your customers can pay with Bitcoin and you will receive the corresponding amount in Euro within two days. The Bitcoin-Euro exchange rate is determined separately for each individual payment so that the Euro amount is fixed and guaranteed. This makes it as low-risk as our other payment methods. You don’t need a Bitcoin Wallet or any in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin. We take care of the entire process. If you have integrated the Mollie API you can simply enable the Bitcoin payment method using your Mollie Dashboard. We process the payment, take care of the exchange, eliminate your risks and quickly pay out.

Pay per transaction only.

  • No setup fees, no monthly fees.
  • Free daily transfer payments.
  • Through a safe and reliable partner. Why?
  • All payment methods using a single connection.
  • Payments is our trade, so contact us for advice.

Does your business process a lot of payments? Please contact our team for special rates.

The exchange

At payment initiation we make the consumer an offer based on the effective current rate. To reduce the risk of fluctuations in the Bitcoin-Euro exchange rate, this offer is valid for 15 minutes after the payment has been initiated.

We use partners for the actual Bitcoin to Euro conversion. We keep a close eye on these partners and continuously assess whether their rate remains sufficiently competitive. For the consumer it is much more attractive to spend Bitcoin directly instead of having to convert them to Euros first.

Mollie API

Get your payment channel going in just a few lines of code. Use the innovative Mollie API.

You want to make online payments as easy as possible for your consumers.
So we want do the same for you. Check out our ready-to-go modules.