Mollie Connect

Facilitating payments is complex. It is a tightly regulated administrative hassle. Good thing Mollie handles that for you, so you can focus on your own goals.

What’s possible with Mollie Connect

Website Profiles

Get access and manage a merchant’s website profile.

Access Data

View a merchant’s transaction and outpayment data.

Create Payments

Create payments and refunds on behalf of a merchant.

Just a few easy steps

You can use Mollie Connect as a simple login service, or you can access your client’s account to retrieve information and start payments.


User clicks on Mollie Connect button.

Grand access

User grants access to the Mollie account.

Access data

Your platform can access the user data.


  • Shifted Fee 100% payouts on merchant account and bill another account.
  • Application Fee Add Application Fees to the transactions to deduct your costs.
  • Affiliate Fee Move a part of the transaction to your affiliate or partner.


  • Whitelabel boarding Add the payment boarding to your own boarding funnel.
  • Share data Avoid duplicate input for the merchant by sharing data.
  • Get status updates Retrieve the status of the boarding progress. Real-time.
  • Retrieve API keys Automatically get the necessary API keys to process payments.


  • Secure platform Our bank-level security ensures secure transfer of money.
  • Industry standards Security is part of our product. We are PCI-DSS certified.
  • Managed boarding We do the Customer Due Diligence, compliance and regulations.
  • Risk management The identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks.

What others say about Connect

Ruud Stelder

Ruud Stelder


“Thanks to Mollie Connect we now have a seamless user experience for webshop and payment platform.”

Robbert Schreuder Hes

Robbert Schreuder Hes


“With Mollie Connect, we don’t even need a sign up form. Users just log in via Mollie and can start sending out invoices right away.”


Jasper Schrijver


“Thanks to Mollie Connect we can withdraw our costs.”

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Use Mollie Connect in your new adventure or integrate it into your current platform. Let Mollie do the payment stuff, so you can focus on your business.

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