May 2018

Monday, 7th

The iDEAL test issuer ideal_TESTNL99 has been removed from the test mode iDEAL issuers. Instead, the same issuers are now used for test and live payments.

April 2018

Thursday, 19th

Added the new iDEAL issuer Moneyou.

February 2018

Tuesday, 27th

Failed payments now have a failedDatetime property indicating exactly when the payment was failed.

Friday, 2nd

SOFORT Banking payments have always had the issue that for a minor percentage of payments, the money would not acutally come through even though the payment was paid successfully according to SOFORT.

For these payments, Mollie would not settle the amount and inform you via an email.

This process has now been changed to use the chargebacks that are also used for credit card and direct debit. If Mollie does not actually receive the money for a SOFORT payment, Mollie will trigger a chargeback and call your payment's webhook. The chargeback details are visible in the API and the Dashboard.

January 2018

Friday, 19th

The Organization resource now contains the organization's VAT number. You need this when you want to invoice your charged application fees to the organization.

Tuesday, 2nd

The Get open balance endpoint will now return the balance if it is € 0.00 or less instead of returning an HTTP 404.

PayPal payments now expire after three hours, instead of after 15 minutes.

December 2017

Wednesday, 6th

The payment create API call now supports the billingEmail field for Bitcoin payments. The email address is used for handling failed transactions (e.g. wrong amount transferred, Bitcoins transferred too late).

November 2017

Wednesday, 8th

Bank transfer payments can now be cancelled via the API or Mollie Dashboard as long as they are still open.

Added Spanish as a locale for the Mollie Checkout. Use es_ES to get Spanish translations and localization in your checkout.

VVV launched a new giftcard VVV Cadeaukaart which supersedes VVV Giftcard. We changed the name in the Checkout and API and have updated the branding.

October 2017

Thursday, 19th

Added more details to giftcard payments in case multiple gift cards are used or if the remaining amount was paid using another payment method.

Tuesday, 17th

Updated the payment screens for payments created in test mode. All screens are now available in English, Dutch, French and German. No changes in the API are needed to use these new screens.

Tuesday, 10th

Added Chargebacks API for a new Chargeback resource. Chargebacks are also available as subresource to Payments and Settlements. The Settlement resource now also contains a list of the ids of the chargebacks settled in that settlement.

Monday, 9th

Belfius Pay Buttons now expire the next business day at 09.00 AM, instead of after an hour.

Wednesday, 4th

We've updated all payment methods to allow the absolute minimums that the method allows. For most payment methods, you can now create payments with amounts as low as €0.01. In our help center you can find the exact list of minimum and maximum amounts.

Tuesday, 3rd

Only payment methods that are enabled in the Dashboard will appear in the API and the Mollie Checkout, if the test mode is used. Before, all payment method would be visible in test mode.

This brings the behavior of test mode in line with that of live mode.

September 2017

Tuesday, 26th

The refund status failed was missing from our API docs. This could happen, if the customer cancels his / her bank account between the payment and the refund.

Monday, 25th

We have extended the expiry time for Bancontact from 17 minutes to 60 minutes.

Tuesday, 19th

We have added a dedicated French bank account for the banktransfer payment method. Your customers can use this bank account if you specify the French locale fr_FR.

Setting the correct locale is very important for having high conversion and error free bank transfer payments. At the moment, we have dedicated bank accounts for bank transfers in Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Wednesday, 13th

You will no longer receive an error from our API if you have insufficient balance in your account to create a refund. Instead, we will queue the refund and perform it automatically once enough balance comes in. The payment will transition to refunded once the refund becomes pending, at which point we will call the payment's webhook.

We have introducted a new queued status for refunds in our API so you can see if the refund was queued or is pending.

Tuesday, 12th

We've added a new integration guide for QR codes. At the moment, we support the desktop-to-mobile flow with QR codes for the payment methods iDEAL, bank transfer and Bitcoin. We've also fully integrated iDEAL QR into Mollie Checkout.

Thursday, 7th

Added new endpoint /v1/settlements/*/refunds to retrieve all refunds included in a settlement, and added this URL to the Settlement resource as refunds in the links property.

August 2017

Tuesday, 29th

Added a new endpoint to cancel payments, and added the property canBeCancelled to (open) payments to indicate if a payment is eligible to be cancelled.

Tuesday, 22nd

We've launched the giftcard payment method today. Check out the Gift card integration guide to get started.

Thursday, 3rd

Added the image map to the issuers endpoint and includes in the Methods API. Just like methods, this map contains two keys normal and bigger which contain links to images that represent the issuer. Available for the iDEAL, KBC and gift card issuers.

July 2017

Monday, 31st

Added the createdDatetime property to the settlements resource. This field shows the moment that the open funds were transferred to a new settlement.

Added the settledDatetime property to the documentation. This field was previously undocumented, but already exposed through the API. This field shows the moment that the funds were settled (i.e. paid out by Mollie).

Wednesday, 26th

The Payments API now returns a dueDate parameter for SEPA Direct Debit payments. The dueDate is the estimated date the payment is debited from the consumers bank account.

Added the status property to the Settlements resource. The status indicates if the settlement is open, pending, paidout, or failed.

Thursday, 20th

The refresh_token that is returned from the /oauth2/tokens endpoint when requesting an access token will not expire anymore. We previously generated a new access_token and refresh_token pair when a new access token was requested. We've changed this to only generate a new access_token - the refresh_token will stay the same indefinitely.

Monday, 17th

Application fees can now be created in test mode. This won't actually move any money, but you can now test integrating application fees in your platform.

Saturday, 1st

Occasionally, we would not call the web hook for iDEAL payments if the payment status had already been retrieved via the API. This behavior has now been brought in line with the behavior of the other payment methods: we will now always call the web hook if there is a status update, whether or not the status has retrieved from the API.

May 2017

Wednesday, 3rd

The Methods API resource can return issuers using ?include=issuers. At the moment this will include issuers for KBC and iDEAL.

April 2017

Saturday, 1st

The Payments API now supports emoji (such as 🍔) in the payment description.

March 2017

Wednesday, 1st

The Methods API and Payments API now return a resource parameter to indicate the type of object, consistent with the other APIs.

February 2017

Wednesday, 1st

You can now retrieve an organization's open balance using the settlements/open resource.

The profiles method of the Reseller API will now return a <token /> field to help you integrate the Reseller API with our OAuth APIs.

Added a details.qrCode include for the Payments resource. You can add this parameter to the resource endpoint ?include=details.qrCode during creation, get or list operations and it will give you an object with a QR code embedded.

QR codes can be scanned by mobile applications to continue the payment on the mobile device.

At the moment, the QR code is only available for Bank transfer and Bitcoin payments but we will add support for more payment methods soon.

In the Netherlands, the bank transfer QR code can be scanned by the mobile banking apps from ING and bunq. Bitcoin QR codes can be scanned by bitcoin wallet clients.

January 2017

Sunday, 1st

The Reseller API erroneously only returned verified profiles for the profiles method. Now all profiles, including profiles you just created are returned. Use the <verified /> element to test if a profile is verified.

Added the signatureDate property to the Mandate resource.

Changed payment detail signatureDate of Direct debit payments to return the date without the time.

Added the countryCode (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2) property to the Payments resource.

December 2016

Thursday, 1st

Changed the minimum amount for PayPal to € 0.01.

The final state of Recurring Credit card payments will no longer be reported in the initial API call. Instead, we will report the final payment state via the webhookUrl, as per our documentation. This ensures any supplier outages will not delay or block our API response to your payment creation request.

November 2016

Tuesday, 1st

Added new endpoint /v1/settlements/*/payments to retrieve all payments included in a settlement. Also added this URL to the Settlement resource as payments in the links property.

The name and email parameters have been made optional when creating a customer via the Customers API. It is now valid to create a customer via our API without providing any details about the customer.

When creating a payment without the method parameter, optional parameters are applied once the consumer selects the payment method. For example, you can send the dueDate parameter when creating a payment without a method. If the consumer then selects bank transfer, the due date is applied. If a different payment method is choosen, the due date is ignored.

Creating a first Recurring payment now returns the mandateId when available. When providing any of the following values for the method parameter, you will now directly receive a mandateId in the response: kbc, creditcard, mistercash, sofort and belfius. When using ideal as the payment method value, you will only receive a mandateId in the response when the issuer is also set.

Added the settlementId property to the Payment resource. It is also possible to include the complete settlement resource by providing the include parameter, e.g. /v1/payments/tr_7UhSN1zuXS?include=settlement.

The Settlement resource include parameter ?include=settlement is now available on all endpoints that return payments.

October 2016

Saturday, 1st

Added the recurringType parameter to the list methods endpoint. Using this parameter you're able to retrieve payment methods supporting first payments and recurring payments.

Added the issuer parameter for KBC/CBC payments. These work the same as for iDEAL, however they are not dynamically available through the API and the possible value are kbc and cbc. When the issuer parameter is set in the API request, the Mollie Checkout screen will be skipped and the customer will be sent to KBC or CBC directly.

Added the startDate parameter to the Subscriptions API. You can now specify the start date when you create a subscription.

We have added a new payment method, the KBC/CBC Payment Button. As a result the method parameter now supports the value kbc, which will create a KBC/CBC payment.

When the method parameter is passed with the value kbc or when no method value is passed and KBC/CBC is chosen as the payment method, the description parameter value will be truncated to 13 characters. This will be increased in the future.

September 2016

Thursday, 1st

The locale parameters on our API endpoints accept non-standard values like en and nl (shorthands for en_US and nl_NL, respectively). We still support those non-standard values, but we're discouraging using those notations in our API documentation in favor of ISO-15897 locales.

You can now use locales such as de_AT and we will try to provide translated and localized payments.

If you send any codepages or modifiers these will be stripped.

August 2016

Monday, 1st

Added the locale parameter to the list methods and get method endpoints.