KBC/CBC Payment Button

Accept payments via the KBC/CBC Payment Button.

The direct and guaranteed payment method for KBC and CBC customers

  • Customers can pay up to 2 months later
  • Guaranteerd payment
  • Fast payment within the KBC/CBC banking environment

Belgiums biggest banks KBC and CBC provide their own payment solution to their customers: the KBC and CBC Payment Button. The payment button enables customers of both banks to pay via their trusted banking environment in real-time. The KBC/CBC payment button is easily integrated without the technical and adminstrative hassle of a direct connection.

When the consumer chooses the KBC/CBC Payment Button as the preferred payment method, he or she will be forwarded to the online banking environment of their bank. In this environment, KBC/CBC can guarantee a secure authentication of the consumer. Both the consumer and merchant are guaranteed of a transparant transaction, without any hidden fees. Additionally, KBC/CBC offers consumers a delayed payment plan for payments between €50 and €1.250, allowing consumers to delay payment up to 2 months. This has no effect on the pay out to the merchant - Mollie receives the amount directly from KBC and CBC and pays out according to the choosen frequency.

Pay per transaction only


€0.25 + 0.9%

  • No setup fees, no monthly fees.
  • Free daily payouts.
  • Through a safe and reliable partner. Why?
  • All payment methods using a single connection.
  • Refund payments with a single click.

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