Apple Pay & Mollie: simplicity and technology combined

May 20, 2019

Fast, safe and easy

Apple Pay functions within Apple Wallet and is available to all Apple users. The Wallet app essentially functions like a regular wallet, storing a consumer’s personal payment cards. The difference? The Wallet app is a smart wallet, containing a consumer’s details and preferences for payment. The payment process is not stalled by entering any payment or shipping details because Apple Pay already has your details securely saved. After selecting Apple Pay, a consumer easily completes the payment effortlessly, quickly and securely with their Touch ID or Face ID. As a consumer must pay with their thumb print or face scan, Apple Pay meets the Strong Customer (SCA) requirements under Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) that comes into effect in September.

No extra costs

Strictly speaking, Apple Pay is not a payment method, the actual payment method depends on the cards placed in the Wallet app. Currently, debit and credit cards are supported. The added benefit for you as Mollie’s customer? There are no extra costs for you in offering Apple Pay via Mollie. You only pay the regular credit card fee and Mollie continues to guarantee a seamless experience for your customers. We ensure that our system automatically detects whether your customer is paying from an Apple device and only then will Apple Pay be made available.

The potential

The excitement and support from Apple fans awaiting Apple Pay is already evident online. Considering the percentage of the smartphone market which is owned by Apple and the seamless customer experience it creates, it is clear that the potential of Apple Pay for you and your shop’s conversion could be vast. Your customers can already make direct use of Apple Pay in more than 35 countries, including Germany, Belgium, France and Italy.

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