Create smart and beautiful checkout flows with Mollie Components

Mollie Components helps you create the credit card checkout flow on your page via CSS-customisable web components. No more redirecting away from your site means a more seamless experience for your customers across desktop and mobile.

Available from Monday, 2 December 2019.

Why Mollie Components?

Payments designed by you
Mollie Components can be styled to fit your checkout page. No redirecting means less user error and increases the number of successful payments.

Securely take payments
Mollie Components is an easy and secure field-based iframe solution that keeps you up to date with current PCI regulations.
No sensitive data hits your servers, all is securely hosted by your favourite PSP.

Technical explanation
To use Mollie Components you need to integrate Mollie JS, which is securely hosted in the Mollie environment, which is PCI-DSS level 1 certified. With this you can integrate and style secure iframes on your own website, fully and seamlessly integrating them in your checkout. The iframe includes an API to process encrypted card data and securely complete the payment with Mollie.

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