From today, eCurring seamlessly integrated into the Mollie dashboard

August 9, 2019

From today, eCurring seamlessly integrated into the Mollie dashboard

From today, the subscription platform eCurring, a Mollie product, will be even more easily accessible for all 65,000 Mollie customers. The SaaS platform eCurring offers a total solution in the field of subscription management and recurring payments.

The upcoming world of subscriptions

Whereas in the past customers used to attach value to ownership, today that has changed to value of use. The consumer’s mindset has changed. A new age is upon us, the era of usership. Nowadays, organisations respond more and more to the needs of the consumer. The consumer thirsts for convenience, simplicity, freedom and fewer responsibilities. These needs have created a number of new economies, one of those is the subscription economy. An economy in which eCurring provides organisations with every comfort through offering flexibility in one powerful total solution.

Total control over your subscriptions and recurring payments

Organisations such as Netflix, HelloFresh and Swapfiets, but also the local gym around the corner, all offer subscriptions and other forms of recurring payments. With the eCurring platform, these organisations can easily manage customers and subscriptions, collect recurring payments and automate follow-up after reversed payments. With the aim of managing subscriptions and mandates as well as performing recurring payments.

The platform offers three powerful business models. A ‘Netflix-like’ subscription model, these payments are the same each month. In addition, a ‘Slack-like’ subscription model, which is offered for variable payments. Finally, an ‘Uber-like’ subscription model, offered for payments per use. These different business models are available both in the form of an easy to use SaaS platform and in the form of a powerful subscriptions API.

Seamlessly integrated with Mollie

The seamless integration of the eCurring platform with Mollie by the so-called Mollie Connect combines the best of both worlds. On the one hand, a reliable and fast way to pay and on the other hand, the total control and overview of all subscriptions and recurring payments. As a Mollie customer, you can now link your Mollie account with eCurring at the press of a button.

“We now live in a world of ‘subscriptions’. Through the full integration of our platform with Mollie, we respond to the needs of the market. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers and also provide existing Mollie customers with the opportunity to easily discover the power of subscription models.“ - according to Julian Kuin, Chief Product Officer at eCurring.

Besides the Mollie Connect integration, from today, we have also added eCurring to the Mollie dashboard. In this way, all 65,000 Mollie customers can offer their customers subscriptions and recurring payments at the press of a button. Gaston Aussems, CEO of Mollie, says: “With our innovative product eCurring, we offer a strong subscription solution to all our 65,000 customers throughout Europe. This way they can make use of offering subscriptions and recurring payments. With eCurring, we solve an important issue for our customers. Developments at eCurring follow each other in rapid succession; fintech in its purest form”.

Under full development

In recent months, the development of the eCurring platform has not stood still and we have added a number of new features to the platform. Payment reminders are now completely customisable to your liking. These can also be sent multiple times with late payments. In addition, users can now choose to automatically suspend subscriptions after several unpaid invoices. Finally, the user can independently switch transaction monitoring on or off and set an invoice manually to paid. In the coming period, we will further expand the existing subscription models with even more innovative applications.

About eCurring & Mollie

eCurring is a product of Mollie and that is to your advantage. We combine the best of both worlds: the powerful SaaS platform of eCurring and the innovative payment infrastructure of Mollie. The eCurring platform, a start-up at Mollie, was founded in 2017 and based in Amsterdam. The platform was born from the search for a subscription and recurring payments solution. Now, two years later, it is a SaaS platform that offers the solution to easily manage subscriptions, mandates and customers, collect recurring payments and fully automate follow-up after reversed payments.

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