Mollie in times of corona - message from the CEO

March 18, 2020

I’ve been running from one call to another, reassuring my family and helping my boys get set up at home to continue their education. I’m keeping a watchful eye on the news. It’s been a lot of emotions, with social distancing thrown in on top of it all. To say my days have been hectic is an understatement. But through it all, my focus hasn’t wavered. Neither has Mollie’s. In fact, we’re doubling down on everything we stand for.

Our primary concern

At the best of times, managing a fast-growing financial services company can be a challenge. That’s only ramped up over the last few days with the coronavirus. We provide 90k+ businesses with online payments and it’s our mission to support their growth, thus we are a critical part of the economic infrastructure. We’ve had to react quickly to the government’s efforts to contain the virus, and that’s testing our organisation, our process, our people. Our primary concern has always been keeping our staff safe and providing continuity for our business. I can confidently say that we achieved that.

Our staff has shown great agility and flexibility. And although Mollie is a tech company where everyone can easily work from home and communicate via digital means, it’s odd not being able to look across the table and reach out to someone or drop by their desk. Or to have Mollies stop by my desk if they have questions, concerns, or just want to chat. Just like in the office, I’m there for everyone, if only in a digital form for the time being. The physical separation doesn’t change our identity, or what makes us Mollie: we have the most effortless payments around and grow merchants’ businesses. And we got here by doing everything together, as an organisation. That’s just who we are.

What support and flexibility look like

The way I see it, this issue of being one as an organisation during a crisis has everything to do with support. It’s not only about having business continuity plans in place and making sure we’re working with multiple banks, acquirers, and data centres to guarantee everything runs as well as it can. It’s about showing the people who work for Mollie that we’re there for them, and we’ll be flexible enough to accommodate this new way of working from home, kids and all. We give our employees budgets to create a comfortable working space in their homes and update them daily on how to stay safe and healthy.

I also think the coronavirus pandemic underscores the need for businesses to be flexible. Not that this wasn’t desired or prized before, but the urgency brought on by the virus further highlights that need. What flexibility looks like for each business is different. For us, it is being there to advise our merchants on how to inform their clients best and limit risks that might emerge from using certain payment methods. But also helping offline businesses on how to quickly get set up online, for example. Because we know this situation has been a shock to businesses, and it’s our job to support them.

Our focus on people and our flexibility lay the groundwork for our reliability and continuity. So although times are difficult, we’re still laser-focused on rolling out the best payments in Europe. Come rain or shine, we’re here for each other and for our merchants. Stay safe, healthy, and if you need us, don’t hesitate to reach out.