Get flexible with Mollie and Sylius

May 17, 2020

It’s official: Mollie is a Sylius Preferred Partner. Actually, we have been since March 2020. Do you have a Sylius web shop, or are you thinking about choosing Sylius? Then starting now, you can also implement the Mollie payment module. The perfect combination of Sylius flexibility with Mollie simplicity.

Sylius: software with stretch

In case you don’t know yet: Sylius is a super-flexible e-commerce platform for mid-market that gets you up and running in a flash. You can connect Sylius to your existing tech stack – your ERP, PIM and CRM – with ease. Forget those all-in-one packages. Embrace the Best of Breed approach with Sylius at the heart of your unique system. Another bonus: the software comes with a robust template system and tons of functionalities, so you can set up your shop any way you please. And upscaling is a breeze: Sylius is compatible with Google Cloud,, Heroku or any other hosting provider.

Mollie makes it easy

And now, you can also add Mollie’s payment plug-in to your Sylius shop. Your flexible web shop just found more stretch. With Mollie’s plug-in, you can give customers the exact payment options they want – whether that’s iDEAL, Bancontact, credit card, Apple Pay or another payment type popular in Benelux, Germany, France or Poland. Without any headaches. We offer a transparent fee system and the most personal levels of support from our own helpdesk. You’ve never experienced web shop freedom like you will with the Sylius/Mollie combo.

The key to the click

It’s no surprise that Mollie and Sylius get along so well. We have the same mission: to give merchants a simple, seamless user experience. But to get there, Sylius was missing one essential piece of the puzzle. A Payment Service Provider that could deliver a reliable and flexible payment plug-in. ‘Mollie was the first PSP to approach us about a strategic partnership,’ says Tymoteusz Stengert, Partner Manager at Sylius. ‘We’ve worked hard in the past few months. There’s been a lot of phone traffic between Amsterdam and Lodz. Now, we’re reaping the benefits of the trust we’ve built in each other. Today, Mollie is the most robust PSP in our ecosystem.’

And Mollie is just as excited about the possibilities that hooking up with Sylius offers. ‘A Preferred Partnership with Sylius is just what we needed to accelerate our growth in our focus markets: France, Germany and the Benelux,’ says Boris Lindgren, Partner Manager at Mollie. ‘This will help us stimulate growth for each other.’

The future in focus

The collaboration is off to a great start. ‘Of course, we’ll likely find some room for improvement as our launching customers get to work,’ predicts Merijn van Zuidam, Technical Partner at Mollie. ‘But we’ve factored in time and energy for that. We work in an Agile way anyway, so we continuously implement improvements. That’s also necessary, since we want our plug-in to grow along with Sylius and its ever-growing range of possibilities.’ In addition to the regular check-out functionality, a solution for recurring payments is also on the to-do list. ‘We will launch that functionality in Q3,’ Merijn says.

Mollie + Sylius: here’s what you get

  • Flexible, open-source e-commerce software, built in Symfony
  • Extensive features that let you build your web shop the way you want
  • Simple, cloud-based scaling (up or down) with the new Sylius Plus Cloud offering
  • A free, all-encompassing payment plug-in
  • The ability to open your shop quickly and easily: install the plug-in in just a few minutes
  • One-click addition of any and all European or international payment methods
  • The ease of adding currencies - from euros to zlotys - in a click
  • Partial order processing
  • Personal support from the Mollie helpdesk

Want to get going with Mollie and Sylius? We’ll help you get going quickly.