Improvements to SEPA Bank Transfer for German consumers

July 11, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, we optimised the SEPA Bank Transfer payment method for German consumers. We integrated a German IBAN, which provides improvements for both our German customers and German consumers that use this payment method. Instead of being asked to transfer funds to a foreign, in this case Dutch, bank account, they can now transfer funds to a German IBAN, which will increase trust and transaction speeds.

What do you have to do to use this German IBAN? That depends on whether you use the Mollie Checkout or use the Mollie API to generate payment details like bank account numbers and references. When using the Mollie Checkout you don’t have to do anything, our processes automatically localise the experience for your customers and use the German IBAN when relevant. If you use the Mollie API you can ensure that the German IBAN is displayed by giving the locale parameter the value de_DE when generating payments for German customers.

In 2015, we added a Belgian IBAN for Belgian consumers and noticed great improvements. We expect our customers operating in Germany will see the same.