Increased transparency, increased growth, with a fixed fee for Bancontact

September 11, 2018

Fixed Bancontact fee - news header

The Belgian market is very important to us. It was the first foreign market we expanded our business to and therefore has a special place in our heart. Three years have passed since we set our first step onto the Belgian market and it has been a great success: the amount of Bancontact transactions processed by Mollie increased with 178% last year alone.

Growth like this would have never been possible without our Belgian clients and partners. We are very proud to work together with so many great Belgian entrepreneurs. These collaborations allow us to combine our strengths and change the Belgian e-commerce and online payments landscape.

Because we are growing in Belgium, we want to invest in the Belgian market and clients. To do so, we have decided to adjust our Bancontact fees. With a representation in 80% of the Belgian webshops Bancontact is the biggest online payment method in Belgium. As of today, we charge a fixed fee of €0.39 per Bancontact transaction. No more fluctuating costs - from now on it’s clear up front what you’ll pay.

A fixed fee for Bancontact transactions is a new development in the market of online payments. This adjustment has been inspired by two of Mollie’s core values: transparency and simplicity. By charging a fixed fee we create clarity for our clients about the costs for Bancontact. With a fixed fee, you’ll always know how much you pay per transaction, no matter the circumstances.

But not only certainty, also lower transactions costs are a result of the new fixed fee. With the new fee entrepreneurs save, on average, 68% on their Bancontact transactions. That way they create more transparency in their business, while increasing their profit. A classic win-win situation, both for webshop owner and customer.

Maximize your profit - save with the lowest Bancontact fixed price!

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