Mollie adds Multicurrency, to advance international growth

May 9, 2018

Over the years we have been happy to continuously welcome new customers and be a part of their growing businesses. Seeing our customers grow made us realize that, at some point, growing means internationalizing. To catalyze this internationalization we are introducing Multicurrency. A new feature, providing our customers the opportunity to grow wherever they want.

With Multicurrency all Mollie users can accept payments in a variety of currencies. The ability to accept international cards in the local currency will smoothen the payment process for foreign consumers, enabling business owners to strengthen their position on the international market.

Quick and transparent settlements

To make Multicurrency payments as transparent as possible, we immediately communicate the settlement amount. The settlement amount in euros will appear in the dashboard the moment an international payment is made. This approach gives immediate clarity to our customers, but also provides them with a quick payout.

Continuous improvement

The feature is implemented in the new Mollie V2 API, along with a couple of other new features. Implementing the V2 API or updating one of the plugins will make Multicurrency automatically available to customers. With a few minor changes, international payments are within reach, along with new international opportunities.

To keep improving our services, we will keep adding new currencies to the current list of available currencies.

Mollie also helps in your internationalization efforts: