Be a Better Webshop—with Mollie & Logic4

December 9, 2019

What do all great e-businesses have in common? A great webshop—for 2020 and beyond.

And that’s why we’re in business with Logic4, our new online-shop software provider: to offer you another great e-commerce option. Logic4’s expertise is in combining front office and back office applications in a single system, so that you don’t have to. We know your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t spend it fooling around with figuring out payments, either—we’ll do that for you. That way, you can focus your energy on growing your business.

All the payments methods you need for Europe

Mollie’s Partnership Manager, Boris Lindgren, has lots to say about the importance of having a range of payment options to choose from. According to Boris, “One of the biggest mistakes most payment companies make? They try to get you to fit into their range of options. We do it the other way around: we have all of the key payment methods you need to grow in Europe.” Mollie offers local methods, like iDEAL and Bancontact, plus international payment methods, like credit cards and PayPal. For customers who need pay-later flexibility, there’s Klarna, and we handle integrating them, so you don’t have to.

Making e-commerce personal

Being a better webshop also means getting better advice on how. Boris says, “Logic4 will come to your office, sit down with you, and figure out what’s best for your company in terms of e-commerce and business software. Even if you need help setting up Mollie, someone will explain everything. By the way, that level of attention is rare these days, which is why this partnership is so special.”

Start receiving payments — in 15 minutes

With Mollie, it’s really easy to set up whatever payment method your business needs. You can start receiving payments in 15 minutes—and can activate payment methods in just a few clicks.

That’s why Boris is so excited about teaming up with Logic4: “Logic4 gives you all-in-one e-commerce and ERP software, and our payments are easy enough to fit right in, no hassle. You get the best payments and a great system to run your business on, whether it’s B2B or B2C.”

Want to know how you can be a better webshop with Mollie and Logic4? Contact us to talk about your options.

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