Mollie Partner Program - building trusted relationships

July 25, 2018

It’s been said that good things come in pairs; partnerships are the perfect example of that! We believe in working closely with innovative agencies and platforms to create an even better payment experience.

Our strive to form sustainable partnerships is a big part of our success. We love to partner with platforms and agencies to help each other grow. With a reliable payment partner, platforms and agencies can create solid relationships with their customers by helping them grow their businesses more efficiently. The Mollie Partner Program helps to nurture these relationships.

Keeping things simple to accelerate growth

At Mollie we initiate growth by keeping things simple. That’s why we are committed to the development of user-friendly code, making the implementation of our API into a swift and effortless process.

The collaboration with platforms and agencies is another way we adhere to keeping payments easy and accessible. A reliable payments partner makes it easier for your retailers to integrate payments into their webshop, allowing them to focus their time on growing their business instead. As a digital agency, creating websites, a partnership allows you to deliver your clients a completely finished webshop that’s ready to start receiving payments.

But partnerships also open the door to the development of plugins. These plugins empower webshop owners to implement a solid payment solution with little coding experience. Giving customers the power and freedom to easily implement the robust Mollie API, makes platforms an attractive choice for online retailers.

Inspire international entrepreneurship

With the recent addition of the Multicurrency feature, international expansion is also on the map. Multicurrency allows for the processing of a variety of currencies and international cards, which means partners are able to expand internationally and at the same time allow their customers to grow across the globe.

Partner up now!

We are always looking for innovative partners in payments. Are you a platform or digital agency looking for a reliable payments partner and build solid customer relationships along the way? Drop us a message or read more about partnerships.

Explore our most recent partnerships and how it helps our partners reaching more and better: