Mollie partners with Klarna for maximum payment flexibility

October 8, 2018

Online shopping is ingrained in our lives. More people than ever are buying the things they want and need online, but that doesn’t mean certain opportunities brick-and-mortar stores offer couldn’t improve the experience. For most customers, trying a product in real life before deciding to buy is still an important part of the decision process. So why not try and combine the best of both worlds to create the ultimate shopping experience online.

We believe this can be done by giving customers flexibility while keeping things simple. That’s why we are happy to announce that Mollie is partnering with the Swedish payments provider Klarna; a collaboration that will allow maximum payment flexibility for both customers and merchants.

Ease and simplicity for both shopper and seller

Consumers abandoning their cart during checkout is not uncommon. Among the reasons for abandonment are a difficult process and payment methods not living up to the standards of the buyer. Consumers want a flexible way to pay and if there’s too much friction they’ll navigate away without thinking twice. That’s where Klarna comes in; offering customers the freedom to either pay later or in several installments, without merchants having to accept any of the risk.

However, the benefits of simplicity are not lost on entrepreneurs either. Business owners are busy people and their time is therefore extremely valuable. Needless to say, setting up business projects shouldn’t costs too much time and maintaining them should be as efficient as possible. Mollie makes sure entrepreneurs have the opportunity to integrate the flexible payment method Klarna offers in the easiest, most efficient way possible.

By collaborating with Klarna, we want to hit the sweet spot of combining flexibility with simplicity. So we can make paying online and the integration of it as effortless as possible. Both for shopper and seller.

Combining Klarna’s flexibility and Mollie’s simplicity

Customers enjoy enormous flexibility when paying with Klarna. Depending on their country of residence, they can either choose to pay the whole amount at a later moment, or slice it up in different installments. On top of the different payment options that give them freedom to manage their money expenditure, Klarna offers automatic customer recognition allowing returning customers to pay with just a few clicks. The big advantage Klarna offers for retailers is that there’s no risk. The Swedish payments provider assumes all the risk, guaranteeing the webshop owner receives its money.

Mollie will be the link between Klarna and the webshop owner, allowing webshop owners to implement these various features that make the customer’s payment experience as simple as possible. Integration is easy, just like you expect of Mollie. We created a brand new Orders API that takes care of all your Klarna needs, and we’ll be adding many more functionalities to come. Not into coding? We are working hard on updating all our plugins for the most convenient way of implementing Klarna into your webshop. Check out which plugins are already set and ready to go.

Explore how Mollie’s simplicity can help in your online growth: