Try Klarna for free in November

October 23, 2018

Try Klarna for free in November

We want to offer you and your customers the best, easiest, and most flexible ways to pay. That’s why we recently collaborated with Klarna, introducing the payment methods Klarna: Pay Later and Klarna: Slice It to our portfolio. These payment methods allow shoppers to either pay after delivery or over time, whichever they prefer. Lower the purchase barrier for your customers as well and elevate your conversions.

Because we are very excited about this collaboration, we want all of our merchants to experience the benefits of Klarna. That’s why, for the whole month of November, your Klarna transactions will be free of charge! That way you can experience the product, before you start to pay; just like your customers can with Pay Later and Slice It.

Interested in trying out the most flexible payment method for free? Activate Klarna now!

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish payment solution that offers flexible payment methods: Pay Later and Slice It. Both are focussed on giving your customers the most flexible payment experience possible.

Pay Later
With Klarna: Pay Later customers have 14 days to pay after they have received the product. That way they can see, touch, and try the product before parting with their money. Paying for a product without being 100% sure whether you really want it is always a leap of faith. Offering the possibility to extend the payment lowers the barriers for customers to buy a product.

Slice It
With Klarna: Slice It you can offer your customers to pay with consumer financing, without them having to go through a lengthy sign up process. Slice It is a great option when you have a high average order value. By giving your customers freedom to spread their costs over time, you make it easier for them to purchase bigger items. After all, it’s easier for customers to buy a 1500 euro bicycle paying 150 euro a month, instead of transferring the whole 1500 at once.

Paying with Klarna

Paying with Klarna is simple. Your customer only uses “top of mind”-information, like name, address, and date of birth. Within one second, Klarna performs a real-time check and the transaction is completed. When you have captured (activated after shipment) the order, your customer will receive an email. This email contains a link that allows them to either login to the consumer portal on or the Klarna app.

Are you excited to offer your customers flexible payments? Create an account now and get started! Do you already have an account? Read here more about how you can activate Klarna.