Become a partner

Working with Mollie offers you a reliable and experienced partner in payments. Help your customers grow by providing them with a robust payment solution and build solid customer relationships.

  • Integrations

    Partner with Mollie to easily integrate payments into any software solution.

  • Agencies

    The Mollie API gives you the freedom to offer customers aesthetics and functionality.

  • Developers

    Build tools and extensions for thousands of businesses on the Mollie platform.


Add payments to anything

We like to keep things simple. With the various Mollie APIs you can add payments to any software solution with only a few clicks. Partner with Mollie so your customers can start receiving and collecting payments effortlessly.

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Powerful API

Integrate the expansive yet simple Mollie API and provide your customers with a trustworthy payment solution.

Timesaving integrations

Easily add payments to your platform with the help of extensive API documentation, created by Mollie developers.

Build your application

Efficiently charge application fees or add split payments via oAuth with your Mollie Connect application.

Digital agencies

Offer your customers beauty and functionality in one.

The Mollie API allows full customisation, respecting your need for creative freedom; so you can implement a reliable payment solution the way you want.

Customer support

Personal assistance from our dedicated partner managers and the support team makes implementing payments easier than ever.

Reliable payments

Mollie uses a multi-layered reliability, providing a trustworthy payment solution with an uptime of almost a 100%.

Effortless integration

Our simplicity-first code and convenient plugins make implementing payments into any webshop a carefree process.


Help businesses with integrating or scaling on Mollie.

Find out how you can make an impact on thousands of businesses who use Mollie plugins to accept payments.

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Improve the Mollie platform

Thousands of our fast-growing customers use plugins and packages. Help them scale their businesses by building new plugins and packages or improve existing ones.

Unique ways to partner

We're always on the look out for interesting ways to build a partnership and help companies or Mollie succeed. If you're working on something and think we can help, we'd love to hear how we can help.

Why partner with Mollie?

Partnering with Mollie means spending less time getting payments up and running, and having more time to focus on what you do best, your product experience. Mollie helps all teams— big and small have a valuable impact.

  • Integrations

  • Agencies

  • Developers

  • Developers


  • Integrations

  • Access to dedicated technical support and technical best practises

  • Help customers with marketing resources and custom FAQ's

  • Dedicated customer support on behalf of your customers

  • Increase trust with your customers with verified Mollie partner status

  • Promote your integration, plugin or apps on the Mollie platform and network

  • Host events together or co-attent/-sponsor conferences

  • Be the first to access beta features

Mollie allows Shopify to quickly enter new markets, an essential part of our growth, by simplifying the entire process of setting up an online store and accepting payments.

CompanyLouis Kearns, GM at Shopify

Mollie is an innovative software partner, that helps you reach an even higher level by brainstorming, and developing new solutions. This quality separates them from the rest.

CompanyDealer4Dealer, Mollie Partner