There's no doubt for Belfius: collaborating with Mollie is the perfect fit!

There's no doubt for Belfius: collaborating with Mollie is the perfect fit!

With Mollie as a partner we are able to quickly and simply offer our clients a payment solution for their webshops. The high quality of their online support, combined with the extensive API documentation and their helpful support team, makes integrating payments straightforward for everyone. This allows both us and our clients to focus on the core of our business and keep our productivity high. Collaborating with Mollie is definitely a perfect hit for us!

For Belfius the Mollie partnership was the perfect opportunity to expand their services online, while offering a broader spectrum of payment methods. The bank is now able to give its clients the opportunity to integrate a quick and simple payment solution into their webshops.

The partnership with Mollie made business a lot easier for both Belfius and the Belfius clients. Especially the payment link was a hit; this enabled clients to easily send their invoices in an email which included the payment link. This simple and efficient way to be paid reduced the risk of faulty payments or invoice fraud and provided the clients with a perfect overview of their paid and unpaid invoices. The result of this efficient way of working: the amount of open invoices was reduced significantly.

But also the outstanding support made working with Mollie simple and effective. They provide thorough API documentation and online support, to make payments as easy as possible. And does it turn out not to be enough, the Mollie support staff is always just a phone call away, to make sure your question is answered adequately and in a timely manner.

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