How Tilroy took their complete solution for retailers to the next level by adding payments

How Tilroy took their complete solution for retailers to the next level by adding payments

Mollie helps us deploying e-commerce solutions with an easy onboarding and a straightforward process. Both the onboarding process and the implementation of the Mollie API are a carefree process. Partnering with Mollie helped us improve our productivity and offer our clients something extra. The thorough API documentation and available necessary libraries make all the difference when implementing the API.” - Tilroy

Tilroy offers a complete solution for retailers, by seamlessly integrating their brick-and-mortar store with their webshop. To create a full-service product, partnering with a payment solution was essential. In Mollie they found a partner that helps them deploying e-commerce solutions that offers their customers the best payment experience possible.

The easy onboarding is a great asset and one of the reasons Tilroy loves recommending Mollie to their customers. Creating a smooth onboarding flow is a very important step in the process of establishing a great customer experience. Mollie does just that with their straightforward online self-onboarding process. Retailers can start using Mollie easily; all they have to do is follow the online process and they’re ready for business within no time.

But not just the onboarding is a carefree process, implementing the Mollie payment solution is also extremely user-friendly. A great advantage for both developers and coding amateurs. The API documentation provides everything you need to know to implement the Mollie payment solution quickly and without any effort: a clear process and the necessary libraries to work with.

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