Sodexo and Up Monizze eco and meal vouchers

Available in your Mollie checkout soon. Perfect for restaurants, supermarkets and webshops in ecological products and services

Sodexo and Up Monizze vouchers now available.

Exclusive for Belgian Mollie customers.

Easily integrated in your hosted checkout.

Sodexo Eco voucher
Up Monizze Meal voucher
Mollie Checkout flow with meal and eco cheques enabled

Mollie Checkout flow with eco and meal vouchers

Add this payment method and boost your cashflow!

E-commerce is growing faster than ever. The corona crisis and related lockdown amplify this effect. Until now it was not possible to pay online with these meal and eco vouchers, whereas for a lot of consumers, those are a considerable part of their household budget.

Not only for consumers this option is very good news. It’s also a helping hand to a lot of Belgian retailers and HORECA who now started selling online because of COVID-19.

Customers can use their eco vouchers at GameMania for purchasing consoles and games - since they are valid on our compete USED assortment. Thanks to Mollie, we will soon be able to accept the eco vouchers in both our physical stores as well as our webshop.

Marek Piepers e-Commerce Manager GameMania

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