Automatic payments for subscriptions, credit top-ups, and more. Mollie Recurring is an elegant yet powerful solution for collecting customer payments recurrently.

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Personal Body Plan offers coaching subscriptions

Personal Body Plan charges monthly fees for their personal coaching services. With Mollie Recurring, they can easily manage subscriptions and keep track of each member's payment history.

Tom Barten Founder of Personal Body Plan

uBUTLER uses Recurring for automatic payments

Customers of on-demand delivery service uBUTLER only have to register their bank account or credit card once. uBUTLER uses Mollie Recurring to automatically charge the customer's account for any services they use.

Stijn Koster Founder of uBUTLER

FRIDAY offers a monthly service with Recurring

Subscribers of receive their favorite mascara in the mail each month. FRIDAY's customers only have to sign up once - FRIDAY uses Mollie Recurring to automatically charge the accounts of its customers.

Coaching Plans
Monthly Delivery

Manage subscriptions in your Dashboard

The Mollie Dashboard provides a clear overview of your recurring payments. The subscriptions can even be linked directly to the customers you use in your webshop or payment system to get insights on a customer level.

Note: Recurring is coming soon to the Dashboard beta

Supports multiple payment methods

With Mollie Recurring, your customers can use their favorite local payment method to authorize you to do recurring payments.

To be specific: the initial authorizing payment may currently take place via iDEAL, Bancontact, credit card, SOFORT or Belfius.

Once your customer authorizes their account, just tell us when and how much you need to charge and we'll take care of the rest.

Subscriptions, top-ups and much more

Mollie Recurring elegantly integrates in any business model that depends on pre-authorized payments.

We can manage subscriptions and partial pre-payments for you, making sure your customer's account is charged at the right time. For example, at the end of each month.

Alternatively, you can manually have us charge an account. This allows for more complex business models, like automatically charging an account when your customer's credit falls below a given limit.

Easy integration

Install the Mollie module in your webshop and you're good to go. Or write a few lines of code, if that's what you're into. To start doing recurring payments, your customer should do a single authorizing payment first. Your application can automatically charge their account from that point on.

Get Recurring for your webshop

var mollie = new Mollie.API.Client;

    amount: 10.00,
    description: 'First payment',
    recurringType: 'first',
    redirectUrl: '',

    amount: 10.00,
    description: 'Recurring payment',
    recurringType: 'recurring',

Now available for free

Mollie Recurring is free-to-use and available to everyone. Unlimited subscriptions. No hidden fees. You only pay the transaction fees for successful payments.

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