Allow your Dutch customers to pay online

The Dutch are generally a cosmopolitan lot with a strong international outlook. We all speak multiple languages, study, work and travel across the globe and buy abroad as well.

Figures released on April 6th show that in 2015 the Dutch spent over EUR 500 million at foreign online shops. This represents 3% of total online spending in the Netherlands and an increase of 16% compared to the previous year.

Almost a quarter of these purchases were made in China followed by Germany (16%), the UK (15%) and the US (12%).


Despite our international orientation, we Dutch are still conservative in the way we pay which may also be preventing us from buying abroad. Most of the population still doesn’t own a credit card and those that do occasionally use it to pay abroad when no other payment method is accepted.

iDEAL payments remain the preferred payment method with more than 60% of all payments made through the bank payment system.

iDEAL is in fact a guaranteed bank transfer. When the payment is made, the bank of the consumer guarantees that the payment will be made to the Merchant the next business day. What is more, iDEAL payment cannot be chargebacked making them virtually risk free for the Merchant.

Merchants that cater to Dutch consumers should really consider implementing iDEAL.

Mollie is a Dutch payment service provider that offers easy localized European payments for the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. We can accept clients from Europe and under certain terms from North America.