API changes January—April 2016

Occasionally, we will add new resources, new fields or new possible values to existing fields to the Mollie API. All changes will be documented in the API changelog. These changes allow you to do more with your current integration with Mollie.

In the first four months of 2016, we have launched new APIs to create a representation of your customers with us, added richer information to the credit card payment detail object and made API improvements that ease reconciliation of settlements.

If you have any feedback on our APIs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

April 2016

  • Added checkoutPreviewUrl preview URL to the links object in Get profile.
  • Added refunds top level endpoint. Use this endpoint to retrieve all refunds on your organization, instead of on a single payment. Requires an OAuth token.
  • Added payment detail cardFingerprint to credit card and Bancontact/Mister Cash payments. It is a randomly generated identifier for each card (unique per Mollie account) usable for identifying returning customers and fraud detection.

March 2016

  • Added payment status failed for payments that failed and that can’t be completed by another payment method.
  • Added the Customers API and the related Customer Payments API. You can use the Customer API to create a representation of your customer with us. This enables you to use the more advanced features of Mollie Checkout, such as speeding up the checkout process for returning customers. Payment preferences are remembered to make future checkouts faster. No customer sign-up is required.
  • Added the feeRegion field to the credit card payment detail object. You can use this field to determine the rate we will charge for this credit card payment.

February 2016

  • Added the ability to cancel partial credit card refunds through the API. Partial credit card refunds can be cancelled up until midnight of the day they were created.
  • Added the cardAudience, cardCountry, cardCountryCode and cardLabel fields to the credit card payment detail object.You can use these fields to gain a deeper insight in which cards are used by your consumers.
  • Added the refundIds field to the settlements resource It will contain all refunds that were withheld from your settlement.You can use this field to improve reconciliation.

January 2016

  • Added the reference parameter to the List settlements REST operation.Use this parameter to retrieve the settlement using the reference you can find on your bank statement or on your invoice.