Game Mania

We couldn’t guarantee our customers the service Game Mania is known for. With Mollie, we can.

Michiel Chief Digital Officer at Game Mania.

The Game Mania retail chain has been a fixture in Belgium and the Netherlands for almost thirty years, with a focus on the sale of games, consoles and everything that goes with them. A turnaround in the strategy means that the sixty physical shops are now perfectly attuned to the webshop. Game Mania offers customers the same good service both offline and online. And the latter includes, above all, easy payment. “With Mollie, we can always give our customers the same payment service,” says Commercial Manager, Michiel Dams.

Last year, Game Mania received the Webshop Award and the award for Best Chain Store in the Netherlands.

Game Mania went online in May 2017. “Pretty late,” admits Michiel. “But in the end it turned out that we hadn’t missed our chance – the webshop became a success and has only become bigger and more important.” Nevertheless, the online store is not a competitor to Game Mania’s physical stores, Michiel emphasises. “Absolutely not. We embrace an omnichannel strategy, which means that all our shops work through the same system to give customers the same experience, regardless of the channel they use to buy something.”

The customer orders a game online and picks up the product in a shop the same day, for example. Or customers can place a home delivery order in the shop if the product is not in stock there. Need game expertise? Customers get that too, on any Game Mania channel. Just like discounts, which, thanks to the loyalty programme, they can collect via “quests” or challenges and easily use them online and offline. “It’s a whole, everything fits together nicely. The customer chooses what to buy, where, and how to pay.”

We implemented Mollie the day before Black Friday and got through that busy day without any problems. That was a great start to the collaboration with Mollie.

Michiel Dams BI Manager Game Mania
Game Mania embraces an omnichannel strategy, offering customers the same experience across all channels.

Reliable payment system

For the latter, Game Mania has been relying on Mollie in its webshop since the end of 2017. “We used to work with a different provider, but there were regular problems with the system. We couldn’t guarantee our customers that the payment system wouldn’t be down, when they wanted to buy something. That was annoying, because we undoubtedly missed out on conversions. Mollie’s system, on the other hand, has never failed.”

The first test was a tough one though, as Game Mania implemented Mollie the day before Black Friday, a big day for the gaming industry. “I don’t think anyone slept well that night,” laughs Michiel. “Normally, a company would wait until a quiet moment to change their payment system. Not us. We urgently needed a reliable provider that would offer our customers a good payment experience. But all’s well that ends well: we got through that busy day without a hitch. We knew right away: Mollie was a good fit. That was a great start to the collaboration.”

About 60% of our turnover is in the Netherlands. It’s therefore important for us that our customers there also have the options they like to use.

Michiel Dams BI Manager Game Mania
Fortnite Game Mania on tour bus

Accompanying growth

Michiel also sees the wide choice of payment methods as an advantage. “Mollie not only offers the classic options, but also a number of specific payment options that are only used in Belgium or the Netherlands, such as the VVV vouchers and the national entertainment card. About 60% of our turnover is in the Netherlands, so it’s important to us that customers there also have the options they like to use,” says Michiel.

The fact that Mollie is a young and fresh company that also thinks innovatively is an added bonus for Michiel. “We are also innovative ourselves. We focus on new shop concepts and use gamification to extend the gaming experience of customers to retail, for example. It’s nice that Mollie also thinks ahead. It has proven to be the best partner to support our own growth.”

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