Mollie & Cashier

Mollie APi Client for Laravel
Laravel 5.5+
Release date
28 May, 2019


Laravel Cashier for Mollie is a first party Cashier package which provides an expressive fluent interface to subscriptions using Mollie’s billing services.

This package is developed specifically for the European Laravel community and allows Europeans to checkout using their favorite payment methods.

It supports some more advanced business cases like metered billing and custom coupons. The package is created and maintained by Sander van Hooft.


Everything you need:

  • Offer your customers all major global and local payment methods;
  • Make paying easy by offering your customer’s preferred currency;
  • Enjoy transparent pricing, trustworthy security, and convenient tools for refunds, chargebacks and recurring payments;
  • Save valuable time on integration thanks to the world-class documentation;
  • Get the answer to all your questions from in-house support teams;
  • Optimise your business using the real-time data and insights from your free Dashboard;
  • Sign up for free and receive your first payment within 10 minutes.

Supported payment methods