6 questions to ask your payment service provider

With 18+ years commitment to transparency, simplicity, and local support, Mollie is here to play a part in the long overdue shake-up of the UK payments ecommerce market.

To make sure you’re getting the value you deserve for the price you’re paying, ask your payment service provider these questions:


51% of British consumers shop online with their mobile device. Mollie offers digital wallets like PayPal or Apple Pay quickly and easily. Doing so could increase your conversions by 30%.

2. Are my fees easy to understand and in line with my business ambitions?

Be sure you know what you’re paying for upfront. This should also mean you’re only required to pay for successful transactions. Mollie takes a proactive approach, ensuring your pricing is appropriate for your business. Take a look for yourself and view our pricing.

3. Can you maximise my checkout conversion?

Forcing your customers into a redirect during their checkout will affect your conversion rates. Some payment and ecommerce providers force a redirect under different circumstances. With Mollie, it’s possible to reduce clicks to checkout from as many as eleven to just four.

4. Is your technology reliable?

Outages happen, but you should always be kept informed on the progress of any issues at all times. Ask your PSP if they can guarantee 99.95% uptime? Mollie can.

5. Do you have a dedicated team to help me grow?

As you grow your business, you’ll need help along the way. At Mollie, our Customer Success Managers are ready and waiting to offer personalised advice, with 24/7 incident support.

6. Are your services future-proof?

As you scale, you may expand into Europe. When you do, you’ll need local payment methods like iDEAL or Bancontact. Make sure your PSP caters for all markets (and their currencies so you can avoid costly exchange fees). Learn which payment methods are right for your business.

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Mollie’s leading payment solution offers a branded checkout, all local and leading European payment methods, rapid reconciliation, advanced security, multilingual support, and all the other tools you need to help your business grow.

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