Why Hyvä could be Magento’s saviour

Unlocking effortless performance and growth.

Every technology has its evangelists – but also its detractors. Differing needs, personas, experiences, and industry trends shape people's opinions.

This is undoubtedly true in ecommerce, and over recent years, one technology that's sparked countless debates is the Magento ecommerce platform. 

Some see it as an almost limitless ecommerce tool supported by a vibrant community; others think times have changed, and the platform has had its day.

A dive into Magento for SMEs (and developers)

We hear a lot of different opinions about Magento when talking to ecommerce SMEs and the agencies that support them. 

Many ecommerce leaders like the platform's capabilities and functionalities. But, they feel held back by the weight of maintenance and updates required to keep their shop performing efficiently. They struggle to prevent bugs, optimise page load times, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Another factor is cost: development work for Magento can be expensive, particularly for Magento 2 due to the complexity of the frontend compared to Magento 1. Ecommerce Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) often lack the large operational budgets their larger competitors have to spend, which means they find it difficult to control costs while still achieving high-performance levels. 

And it's not only SMEs that experience the issues above. These problems also frustrate Magento developers who want their clients to invest in projects to improve – not just maintain – their ecommerce stores.

Introducing Hyvä 

So, what's one solution that can help solve some of the problems detailed above? Hyvä Theme from Hyvä. This frontend theme's toolset, extension ecosystem, and supporting community is powering a Magento resurgence and helping maintain Magento's reputation as the best open-source ecommerce system available.

In fact, the Hyvä Theme is quickly becoming the frontend theme for Magento. 

Why? Because it offers the best performance and user experience in the market at very limited cost. It delivers significant benefits for online businesses: improved user experience, higher conversion rates, better search engine rankings, and increased revenue. 

We've completely rebuilt the Magento frontend, removing all outdated code and replacing it with modern technology. The standard Magento frontend has more than 200 dependencies, Hyvä only has 2. This makes Hyvä extremely lightweight, performant and a lot easier and more fun to work with.

Sanne Bolkenstein, Commercial Director at Hyvä

Take a look at the results of digital agency ZERO-1’s Hyvä Themes implementation for worldofpower.co.uk to see this in practice. In delivering the project quickly and cheaply, whilst also validating the true benefits of Hyvä, they made no changes to the design, UX, or other functional parts of the website, yet were able to achieve

  • Almost instant increase in ‘Good URLs’ reported in Google Search Console, to 99.1%
  • 24.94% increase in conversion rate
  • 36.40% increase in revenue

"For the first time in almost 10 years developing Magento sites, we are beginning to consider performance guarantees as part of our Hyvä Themes projects to help merchants gain the confidence in making the right technology choices where other technologies are failing to meet expectations."

Arron Moss, Managing Director at ZERO-1

Developers love working with Hyvä, and SMEs love the site performance improvements it can offer without having to spend an enterprise-sized budget:

"We invested a lot of time and money in trying to get our Magento website to pass core web vitals. Then we met Foundation Commerce, and 3 months later we had a brand new, super fast Hyvä Themes website that passes core web vitals. Hyvä Themes has made Magento enjoyable again and the performance benefits have done wonders for our conversion rate!"

Luke Mahoney, Owner at Joan Allen Electronics

Why the Mollie team also love Hyvä

At Mollie, we work closely with the Magento community. Every day, we see the positivity and enthusiasm surrounding Hyvä.

But that positivity is understandable, and the momentum is showing no signs of slowing down: Hyvä helps SMEs improve performance and increase their agility, reducing build times by around 50-80%. Then when it comes to usual costs associated with Magento maintenance and updates, these are reduced significantly because of Hyvä Theme’s reduced complexity.

We're excited to see Hyvä grow and continue to be a positive force in the Magento community. And so are our partners.

"The Hyvä team have massively simplified things for Magento developers. The framework is a joy to work with and it allows agencies to build super fast and great looking websites for a realistic budget. 

My honest opinion? I truly can’t see any reason why in 5 years’ time, all Magento merchants won’t be using Hyvä Themes and the new Hyvä Checkout solution."

Ryan Copeland, Founder & Director at Foundation Commerce

The Magento platform has long been a trusted choice for ecommerce businesses, and Hyvä can make an even better platform for SMEs. By combining Magento's robust capabilities with the streamlined performance and user experience that Hyvä offers, SMEs using Magento know they have a platform that will drive their business's growth.

“At Mollie, we are excited to work with Hyvä. In today’s difficult macro environment, providing customers with a frictionless ecommerce experience is critical, and Hyvä helps Magento merchants to make meaningful improvements to their site while keeping spend reasonable.” 

Philippe Daly, VP Partnerships at Mollie 

Mollie x Hyva Themes 

If you’d like to talk about Hyva Themes for your Magento site, please reach out to our UK team who can discuss it further and connect you with the right agency for your build. Reach out here.

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