Nice Try Shopify

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks at Mollie. It started on the 25th of May when Shopify advised thousands of Mollie customers that we would soon be unable to support them with their online payments, and that they should use Shopify Payments instead. This caused a great deal of confusion, and for good reason. It wasn’t true.

The good news is that this communication from Shopify was an error. They claim they sent the message by mistake and confirmed that it’s not true. Mollie customers using Shopify can, in fact, continue using Mollie as their payments solution. We need to take Shopify’s word for it, for now, but it sure did look to us like a sneaky attempt to upsell its own payments product to Mollie customers. To set the record straight, Mollie payments will remain available and compatible with Shopify.

In the event Shopify misinforms you again, we want to make sure you know not to follow the instructions they send. Don’t be tricked! If you click the preselected option in their message, you will be switching from Mollie to Shopify Payments and will no longer have access to Mollie’s best-in-class dashboard, real-time business insights and reports. You will also lose out on the support of our local team of professionals, helping you in your local language and offering proactive customer success management.

We are actively engaged with Shopify on this matter. However, if you have any questions please contact your Mollie success manager or our support team so we can reassure you and help keep you and your amazing business growing with us.

Nice try Shopify ;)

For more detailed information and instructions please view this article in our help centre.

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