6 ways Mollie boosts your business

More than just payments with Mollie

If you grew up playing video games, then you’ll know all about cheat codes – pre-set hacks that help gamers master a previously unbeatable level or change the way a game plays.

Unfortunately, cheat codes don’t exist in business – there’s no easy pattern you can use to always win. Instead, honing your activities to drive growth takes hard work and a commitment to constantly improve what you do.

Teaming up with the right partners can also help your business always reach that next level. At Mollie, that’s our aim: to be an essential partner for your company as it scales. We do that with our effortless payments solution, which helps you easily accept multiple payment methods, increase conversion, and offers a range of advanced features.

We don’t stop there. We’re payment specialists, but we also focus on providing other products, features, and benefits to help you on your growth journey. So, here are some we offer and insights about why our customers love them.

Service and support

We’re big fans of robots in films and books, but when it comes to supporting our customers, we think humans do it best. That’s why our multilingual support teams are on hand to provide help and guidance when needed. Spending time with them is a pleasure: sitting amongst the team, the clicks of ending phone calls signal another happy customer served, and the snap of our customer Slack channel records another ‘excellent’ Trustpilot review.

Mollie Customer Support team

Our support goes beyond just problem-solving. We also consult with our customers and guide them on how they can use payments to grow their business. And our 99.95% uptime and robust fallback measures mean customers can rely on us to keep their payments processing.

What our customers say:

“I have a great relationship with our dedicated Mollie customer success manager. She offers me advice and insights about using payments to grow the business. Getting those insights and developing a great relationship with someone at your payment provider is invaluable.”

Jamahl Schoonhoven — founder and CEO of Dr. Blend.

Business insights and payments management

Getting paid is always a good thing. Being able to manage payments easily and use your data to improve your business is even better. That’s why we created the Mollie Dashboard and mobile app.

Mollie Dashboard

Our fully responsive Dashboard gives you a clear overview of the money coming in and going out of your business, offering real-time payments management, data, and reports. It allows you to manage your payments fully, providing detailed information on payments, subscriptions, and customers. You can also easily initiate refunds using the Dashboard.

Mollie dashboard 2

As well as helping you to manage payments, the Dashboard allows you to compare periods to track growth and make data-driven decisions to improve what you do. You can also see how your business is developing and analyse what’s working (and what isn’t).

Need to export your payments data for your accounts? Yep, the Dashboard does that too. Everything is exportable for your preferred accounting software for complete reconciliation.

What our customers say:

“Thanks to Mollie, we know when the busy days are coming and what we can expect. we use the Dashboard and the stats there to help anticipate what’s coming.”

Anne Vedder – Vedder & Vedder.

Mollie app

Want to manage your payments on the go? Meet our app. It makes it easy to keep a finger on your business’s pulse from your Android or Apple device, wherever you are. You can use it to see when a payment comes in, track your transactions, and view your current balance.

Mollie app 3

You can also use the app to send payment requests in 25+ currencies (via WhatsApp, email, and other popular channels), get paid in person via QR codes, create full or partial refunds, and even track and measure your business growth.

What our customers say:

“Refund queries have decreased by 90% since we started with Mollie. We’ve reduced the time taken to refund customers by two business days. It’s made a huge impact on the business.”

Esther van Bezooijen — LaDress.

Convenient integrations and features

We aim to make working with Mollie as easy as possible from the moment you click sign-up. That starts with our easy onboarding, so you can start accepting payments as quickly as possible. Once using Mollie, you can add new payment methods with a single click.

Plugins and Integrations

Of course, working with Mollie should be simple as you scale your business. That’s why we offer more than 120 powerful plugins and integrations – including accounting, invoicing, and subscription tools – to help drive growth. Seamlessly add or remove integrations to create the tech stack the way you want, and simplify your financial management with easy-to-integrate accounting and bookkeeping systems.

Mollie integrations 4

Payment Requests

Convenience is also central to our payment requests product. With it, you can generate a payment link with just a few clicks, allowing your customers to pay via their preferred channel. These requests are fully customisable to suit your (and your customers) needs.

You can create, manage and automate all payment requests from your Mollie Dashboard or even integrate our API-based solution. And we know it works: data shows that in just six months, payment requests made through the Mollie app were paid 50% faster. The payment link open and paid rate both increased by more than 7% during the same period.

Payment request through Mollie 5

Payment requests can help you get payments paid quicker, move from online to offline with ease, and make the desktop-to-mobile flow as frictionless as possible.

What our customers say:

“Mollie’s terms were good, and they offered a ready-made solution for our payment links. They have always been there for us and have a lot of experience working with companies that are in the same stage of development as we are, so they know exactly what we need to grow. The improvement in conversion that we’re seeing now is proof of that.”

Thomas Harteveld – 12GO Biking.

Grow your way with Mollie

At Mollie, we aim to be an essential partner for your business. That also means planning for your future. We’re currently moving into other financial services to help your business grow for years to come, and our effortless payments solution comes with all leading and local payment methods, a conversion-optimised checkout, and advanced security. We offer all this with transparent pricing and no hidden fees or lock-in contracts.

Want to learn more? Find out more about payments with Mollie, or read more about our other features to power your payments.

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