Product in the spotlight: Payment Links

Our spotlight series highlights products, features, and plug-ins that we offer to help you increase sales and drive growth. In this edition, we explore Payment Links

Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • Your customer delays paying an invoice until the due date or provides an incorrect payment reference with their payment, meaning you struggle to match it to the correct order.
  • You sell at an event and want to take instant online payments from customers. 
  • You sell items that are only available for a limited time and want to help your customers pay quickly and easily.
  • You want to allow customers to place an order via a kiosk in a physical shop and be able to pay for it immediately. 

What’s the answer to all of these different needs? Payment links.

You can create a payment link or QR code directly from the Mollie Dashboard or the Mollie App using the Payment Links feature. When your customer opens it, the payment link or QR code sends them directly to the checkout page, where they can pay using the payment methods you’ve activated with Mollie. 

The only payment methods your customers can’t use via a payment link or QR code are those using our Orders API, such as Klarna and in3.

Creating a payment link is free of charge. You only pay the transaction fee for a successful payment. Payment links are also available via the Payment Links API.

Payment links or QR codes are a convenient and flexible way to help your customers pay for a purchase. Here’s what they offer:

  • Share via any channel: You can share a link or QR code via SMS, WhatsApp, email, or any other channel. You can also add QR codes to an invoice or display them on a kiosk where consumers place orders.
  • Use for single or recurring transactions: you can create a payment link for a single transaction and – at a small extra cost – for recurring payments, such as subscription payments.
  • Create one link for any amount of customers: A payment link can be sent to one person or used by multiple people.
  • Send with or without a due date: when creating a payment request in your Mollie Dashboard, you can choose whether or not to set a due date. For a payment request with no due date, the link or QR code expires when the customer pays it. If you select a due date, the link or QR code stops working after the specified time.

Control everything from your Dashboard

You can create, manage, and automate payment links from your Mollie Dashboard. Or customise your solution with our easy-to-integrate Payment Links API.

Get paid quickly and easily

If you’re looking to get paid quickly, payment links can help. In fact, 86% of payments requested via our links are paid within 12 hours. And are you tired of trying to fix invoicing errors? By adding a QR code to your invoice, the correct account number, payment reference, and amount automatically appear on the payment page – all your customer has to do is pay.

Offer customers their preferred payment method

Via a payment link or QR code, your customers can use various local and international payment methods to pay. The only payment options they can’t use are those that work through our Orders API, including buy now, pay later options and some vouchers.

Get paid anytime, anywhere 

You can create a payment link or share a QR code to get paid instantly, wherever you are in the world and at any time of the day.

Personalise the payment experience

Mollie also allows you to create a personalised checkout page featuring your logo and a branded background. This can help boost your conversion rate. Learn more about customising your Mollie Checkout.

Collaborate with your team

You can allow multiple team members to create and share payment links from one Mollie account.

Whether you organise events or run a pop-up shop, payment links suit businesses in all sectors. Here are some of the companies that use them:

  • B2B and B2C companies that send out invoices and want to cut out payment errors.
  • Doctors or dentists that want to add a payment link or QR code to invoices.
  • Travel businesses for hotel reservations or car rental payments.
  • Event companies for ticket payments or purchases made during the event. 
  • Businesses and solopreneurs that only take payments occasionally, such as pop-up shops, personal trainers, or freelancers.
  • Businesses that are often on the road and want to take payments at different locations, such as food trucks.

In short: payment links are suitable for any business that wants customers to pay quickly, easily, and securely.

As a Mollie customer, you can create payment links in your Dashboard and the Mollie App. You can’t set an expiry date when creating a payment link in the app.

Want to get started right away? See our detailed step-by-step guide about creating payment links.

Want more options to personalise your payment request? Then create a payment link via Plink, an application you can log in to with your Mollie account. Read more about creating a payment link via Plink. Some additional features offered by Plink include:

  • Reusable link: Accept payments from multiple users with a single click by selecting the ‘reusable payment link’ option. Ideal for services you always charge the same amount for.
  • Open amounts: Let your customer enter the amount of their choice. Perfect for collecting donations or tips.
  • Send emails: Save time and share your link via email to your customer for a speedy invoicing solution.

With the Payment Links API, you can create a custom solution tailored to your business.

Would you like to learn more about payment links? You can find everything you need to know about the topic in our Help Centre.

Get better payments now.