Run Mollie Run: Running for Justdiggit

On Friday 4 June, Mollie will be donning the running gear for a run through Amsterdam-Noord. “We're running for a good cause: the profits from Run Mollie Run will go to Justdiggit, a non-profit organisation that breathes new life into dried-up areas and thus combats global warming.”

Digging for green

“Justdiggit is a special Mollie customer: they sell pits. “Bunds” is what they call them,” says Marsha van Doorn, Brand Specialist at Mollie. They dig them in exhausted soil in Africa, together with local farmers, who receive compensation for this. The bunds retain rainwater, making the soil fertile again and allowing vegetation to recover. In this way Justdiggit ensures that the area becomes greener and cools down, and ultimately that global warming is reduced. One bund costs €5 and can make an area of 124 m2 greener.

Justdiggit makes a big impact with an intelligent, but practical solution. We love that at Mollie. And of course, we’re happy to contribute to a greener world.

Ken Serdons Chief Commercial Officer at Mollie

Mollie runs for bunds

So, on June 4, Mollie is running for bunds. “The proceeds from our charity run are directly converted into pits for Justdiggit,” says Van Doorn. And we’re using a doubler. So, the number of bunds that we run together is going to be multiplied by two. Meanwhile, 80 of Mollie employees have signed up. Everyone runs 5 or 10 kilometres through Amsterdam-Noord.

We’re extremely happy with our new partnership with Mollie. They’re off to a great start with this great campaign! Thanks to the many kilometres that the Mollies will run in Amsterdam, we can go green in Africa. Not only are we supporting the diggers in Africa who dig the bunds, but we are also contributing to the recovery, greening and thus cooling of the continent.

Cris Wolffelaar Marketing Lead NL at Justdiggit

Do you also want to sponsor a bund?

You can donate money with this link.

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