Vereenvoudig fysieke betalingen met de Mollie Terminal

Offer your customers the best in-person payment experience with the Mollie Terminal. Set it up with just one click, get expert support, and connect all your online and
in-person payments through one integration.

Simplify reconciliation, improve efficiency.

A single, unified platform.

Manage all online and in-person payments with our fully integrated solution.

Seamless integration.

Integrate your Point-of-Sale application with Mollie and start taking in person payments

Always secure.

Securely combine online and in-person data with our compliant and regularly updated payment solutions.

Plug and play – no set up required

Offer global and local payment methods

Get dedicated support whenever you need it

Mark Wichers
Owner ‘WAVE7 | Rethinking Leisure

I’d highly recommend the Mollie Terminal if you’re looking to easily reconcile all your online and in-person payments in one place. Integrating the terminal is quick and easy – and the connection is flawless!

One platform for all your payments.

Simplify payments and control your cash flow by managing all online and in-person payments on one platform. Easily integrate your terminals with your other sales channels with a simple web-based API.

Simplify your reconciliation.

Streamline reporting and reconciliation with the Mollie Dashboard. Manage payments, access insights, and simplify accounting – all in one place.

Offer a seamless omnichannel experience.

Create custom checkout flows to offer seamless in-person
and online experiences. Offer your customers’ favourite payment methods to boost conversion.

Transparent pricing

4G SIM included
€10 per month per active terminal
Transaction costs
Visa / Mastercard
1.8% per transaction
€0.06 + 0.1% per translation

Get better payments now.