Mollie launches collaboration with online accounting platform Yuki

Mollie launches collaboration with online accounting platform Yuki

Keeping track of your accounting has just become even easier, thanks to the integration of Yuki and Mollie. You link the effortless payments of Mollie to Yuki's platform that takes your entire bookkeeping off your plate. This collaboration makes it easier than ever to keep your business financially healthy.

PSD2 - What changes will you notice?

PSD2 - What changes will you notice?

On February 19 this year, the revised Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) regulations officially came into effect in the Netherlands. These measures do not come as a surprise, since the legislation had already been in force at EU level since January 13, 2018. It goes without saying that Mollie is in compliance with all guidelines in the PSD2. But what do these guidelines mean for you and your business?

Try Klarna for free in November

Try Klarna for free in November

We want to offer you and your customers the best, easiest, and most flexible ways to pay. That’s why we recently collaborated with Klarna, introducing the payment methods Klarna: Pay Later and Klarna: Slice It to our portfolio. These payment methods allow shoppers to either pay after delivery or over time, whichever they prefer. Lower the purchase barrier for your customers as well and elevate your conversions.

Because we are very excited about this collaboration, we want all of our merchants to experience the benefits of Klarna. That’s why, for the whole month of November, your Klarna transactions will be free of charge! That way you can experience the product, before you start to pay; just like your customers can with Pay Later and Slice It.

Mollie partners with Klarna for maximum payment flexibility

Mollie partners with Klarna for maximum payment flexibility

Online shopping is ingrained in our lives. More people than ever are buying the things they want and need online, but that doesn’t mean certain opportunities brick-and-mortar stores offer couldn’t improve the experience. For most customers, trying a product in real life before deciding to buy is still an important part of the decision process. So why not try and combine the best of both worlds to create the ultimate shopping experience online.

Increased transparency, increased growth, with a fixed fee for Bancontact

Increased transparency, increased growth, with a fixed fee for Bancontact

The Belgian market is very important to us. It was the first foreign market we expanded our business to and therefore has a special place in our heart. Three years have passed since we made our first step into the Belgian market and it has been a great success: the amount of Bancontact transactions processed by Mollie increased with 178% last year alone.

We are now managing payments for 50.000 businesses!

We are now managing payments for 50.000 businesses!

The past few months we have been dedicated to internationalizing our services, which has been inspired by our ambitious and fast growing clients. We are proud to have grown from a small start up to one of Europe’s biggest and leading payment service providers. We are very proud to announce that due to this growth, we are now providing payment services to 50.000 clients! A great achievement, for which we want to thank our loyal customers.

Introducing two new payment methods: EPS and Giropay

Introducing two new payment methods: EPS and Giropay

Today we are announcing the addition of two new payment methods to the Mollie product portfolio: EPS and Giropay. These payment methods will empower our merchants to grow in the German and Austrian market by enabling their customers to pay in a payment method they are familiar with.

EPS and Giropay are available through our clever yet simple API, built for both easy integration and handling high transaction volumes.

Grow your business in Austria

The Electronic Payment Standard (EPS) is a payment method developed by various Austrian banks. This makes EPS the main bank transfer payment method in Austria and highly popular with Austrian shoppers. With Mollie you can integrate EPS quickly and start processing payments right away. You only pay for successful transactions and there are no hidden fees involved.

Offer Giropay payments to your German clients

Giropay is a popular bank transfer payment method in Germany. It uses more than 1,500 German banks, which makes it a payment method your German customers can trust. Implementing Giropay through Mollie is easy, there’s no lengthy signup process and we have free, open-source packages and plugins available for most coding languages and e-commerce platforms to let your customers pay in the payment method of their preference.

Localize the payment experience to advance your international growth

During the last couple of months Mollie has been focusing on making the payment experience familiar and convenient for all of our merchants and their customers abroad. To fit our merchant’s needs we've introduced a Multicurrency feature that enables a flawless experience for customers with international cards. Advancing your business opportunities across borders became even easier with Mollie localized checkout, which allows your customers to shop in their native language. Ready to advance your business on the German and Austrian market? Check our support articles and see if your plugin supports EPS and Giropay.

Improve your international experience by localizing your checkout

Improve your international experience by localizing your checkout

As businesses grow internationally and acquire more foreign customers, it’s important to adjust accordingly. After all, international customers have different needs and expectations. To advance international opportunities we are now offering the option to localize your checkout.

Mollie launches gift cards

Today, we’re announcing the addition of a new payment method to Mollie’s products: gift cards. Starting today, all merchants who have an agreement with one or more of the supported gift card brands, can accept online gift card payments through Mollie.

Mollie currently supports the most used Dutch gift card brands: Nationale EntertainmentCard, Webshop Giftcard, Podium Cadeaukaart, VVV Giftcard and YourGift. If you are a licensed retailer for any of these issuers, integrating them into your checkout is as easy as turning on the payment method in your Dashboard Settings.

If you’re a retailer for multiple supported gift cards brands, using Mollie allows you to accept them all through a single integration.

Consumers who choose to pay for their purchases using gift cards, enter the card number and, if required, the PIN which is found on the card and might be hidden behind a scratch-off layer. Using gift cards, consumers can pay partial or full amounts. If there’s a remaining amount, another gift card of the same brand can be redeemed or any other activated payment method can be used.

As always, we only charge you for successful transactions. The cost of a successful gift card transaction is 0,25 EUR.

Not a licensed retailer yet? There’s a lot of advantages to it. The Dutch gift card industry saw a turnover of more than 2 billion EUR in 2014 And a 2015 report by the Dutch tourist office found that 41% of consumers spend more than the gift card’s worth when they redeemed it. Adding gift cards as a payment method also amplifies your reach in your specific market through exposure from the gift card issuer.

To use the gift card payment method, you’ll first need to enter into an agreement with one or more issuers. Payouts are handled by the issuers as well.

Click here for more information about the payment method.

Migrating to a new datacenter (completed)

Update: we have completed the migration to our new data center. Follow our status page to stay updated.

This change will not affect the payment services.

Somewhere in the near future, there will be a change in our network structure.

This change will mean that the webhook requests you receive, will come from new IP addresses. If you use a firewall or security plugin on your website or server, and you have whitelisted our IP addresses,  you may experience some problems . We recommend to NOT whitelist our IP addresses. The way how our API works makes this unnecessary. Whitelisting adds complexity, but no additional security.

If you still wish to whitelist our IP addresses, please add these two IP addresses to the whitelist: and Do not remove the existing IP addresses!
In case this information is too technical, or when you do not have access to the whitelist, please send this e-mail to your technical advisor.

Start accepting American Express payments today

Start accepting American Express payments today

American Express is one of the world’s most well-known brand names, with more than 55 million loyal cardholders across the globe. And we have good news, because as of today American Express is included in our range of payment methods!

This will enable you to focus on a larger international target group. American Express is of particular interest to those retailers focusing on the higher market segment: Amex users enjoy an above-average income and on average spend 60% percent more than holders of other credit cards.* And even though Amex is generally speaking relatively expensive for retailers, Mollie is offering this option at a uniquely competitive rate. So activate the credit card payment method in your Mollie account now and reap the benefits in the run-up to the festive season.

Reach an interesting target group

American Express-users are not just known for spending freely. A panel survey carried out by American Express earlier this year shows that Amex card holders tend to regularly return to stores that they know will accept their card. Compared to other card holders, they’re even 40% more likely to do this. So American Express users are often loyal customers.

What’s more, the Amex logo inspires trust in card holders. Many of the Amex users (40%) state that their general impression of a website or store is more positive when they see logos or pictograms indicating that their credit card is accepted.


Credit card with one push of a button

Here at Mollie we love clarity and simplicity. So with us you don’t have to submit separate applications for all the different credit cards: one action is all it takes. Activating the credit card payment method allows you to immediately receive payments via the world’s most popular credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and now American Express as well. In addition to these familiar names, we also process payments from co-branded cards such as Dankort, CartaSi, Nordea and Carte Bancaire, and we support Maestro, V-Pay and Visa Electron.

The way in which we offer American Express is unique. A contract with Mollie is all you need to receive payments via this method. You don’t have to sign a contract with American Express and you don’t have to pay any connection charges either. There is no long waiting period because we process the application procedure internally. In most cases you can start receiving payments within one working day.


Clear and competitive rates

For accepting Amex we charge – just like for all our other payment methods – only the transaction costs. The rate for payments via American Express is identical to the costs you pay for transactions via business credit cards and credit cards issued outside of the EU:

2,8% + € 0,25 per transaction

After activating the credit card payment method in your Mollie account you can immediately start receiving payments via American Express. Not yet receiving payments via credit card? Activate this payment method in your account now and boost your turnover in the run-up to the festive season!