We are now managing payments for 50.000 businesses!

18 luglio 2018

We are now managing payments for 50.000 businesses!

The past few months we have been dedicated to internationalizing our services, which has been inspired by our ambitious and fast growing clients. We are proud to have grown from a small start up to one of Europe’s biggest and leading payment service providers. We are very proud to announce that due to this growth, we are now providing payment services to 50.000 clients! A great achievement, for which we want to thank our loyal customers.

Since the beginning, our goal is to challenge the standard in payments and to increase the productivity of as many retailers as possible. We are extremely happy that the quality of our services speaks for itself and has led to over 50.000 webshop owners trusting us with their payments.

Growing customer base, growing team

This continuous growth means our team is rapidly growing as well, with new ‘Mollies’ joining every month. Currently we have a team of close to a 100 bright minds, working on changing the payment industry every day with simplicity-first code.

We believe in strength through simplicity. By providing a simple API, easily implemented by anyone, we want to create innovative payment services. Our robust Mollie API helps you to increase productivity by providing efficient money management.